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Ken Ham to college presidents: "Sign my faith statement"!

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  • Robert
    (You ll notice that Ken has moved up from 9-year olds to 11 year olds.) ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2011
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      (You'll notice that Ken has moved up from 9-year olds to 11 year olds.)

      ----------------------Forwarded Article--------------------------


      An Eleven-Year-Old Has the Correct Answer!
      June 27, 2011


      Recently I read a review of our new book, Already Compromised.

      What a blessing to read the following, as an eleven year old understands the problem of compromise in so many of our Christian colleges more than many of the professors:

      > I discussed the statistics with my husband
      > and sons. My eleven year old was disgusted
      > by some of the findings. When I read to them
      > about the percentage of those who did not
      > believe in a literal six-day, 24-hour creation,
      > my son sighed. His response was:
      >> "I've got the answer to this problem.
      >> Put down your textbooks, and open your
      >> Bible."

      How profound, coming from a child! You don't often hear such wisdom coming from a young person, but they sometimes reveal that they understand more than we think they do. And he is right; too many times we rely on man's words and man's ideas that we find in a textbook, and we don't spend enough time learning from God's own Word. If more of these colleges and universities would make the Bible their main textbook, maybe we wouldn't be wading through the "Great Compromise."

      I suggest that all Christian parents read this book. If you're considering sending your child to a Christian institute, you will find a link in Already Compromised which will give you a list of the colleges and universities that were shown to be founded on the Truth.

      My father taught me something I have never forgotten. He said,

      > "When you read a study Bible, remember,
      > the notes are not inspired like the text—
      > and the text is always the commentary on
      > the notes."

      Yes, that reminds me that what humans say is fallible, but God's Word is infallible. This eleven-year-old mentioned above understands that important concept. It is a shame so many of the professors at our Christian colleges don't seem to.

      Creation Colleges

      Answers in Genesis has launched a special website that will list Christian colleges if the school president signs our statement of faith (see below).

      This, of course, is no guarantee that all professors, text-books, and courses will take the stand on God's Word including Genesis as they should, but it is a great start for parents wanting a short list to research.

      For this list of colleges go to http://www.creationcolleges.org

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Ken Ham

      AIG Statement of Faith

      The AiG Statement of Faith


      Section 4: General

      The following are held by members of the Board of Answers in Genesis to be either consistent with Scripture or implied by Scripture.

      > Scripture teaches a recent origin for
      > man and the whole creation, spanning
      > approximately 4,000 years from creation
      > to Christ.
      > By definition, no apparent, perceived or
      > claimed evidence in any field, including
      > history and chronology, can be valid if
      > it contradicts the scriptural record.

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