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Kent Hovind's champion Paul John Hansen!

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  • Robert
    I recently posted the Court s denial of Hansen s effort to intervene in Hovind s criminal case. It turns out that Hansen is quite the defender of Hovind s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2011
      I recently posted the Court's denial of Hansen's effort to intervene in Hovind's criminal case. It turns out that Hansen is quite the defender of Hovind's latest "sovereign citizen" antics.

      Here's his website and most recent posting (it looks like what Kent argued in his own filing; which was turned down by the Court):



      ← Criminal Prosicutor, "ON wrong Land".

      Hovind, Kent – Attorney General Notice

      Posted on June 11, 2011 by Paul John: Hansen


      TO: Robert Stinson, USA Attorney, Tallahassee, Suite 400, 111 N Adams St., Florida, 32301

      CC TO: Attorney General, Pam Bondi, State of Florida, The Capitol PL-01, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

      FROM: Paul John Hansen, Trustee, Counsel for Kent Hovind, 1548 N 19, Omaha, Nebraska, without the United States. 402-957-2853

      RE: Notice of Violation of Written Law

      The United States of America has claimed that Kent Hovind violated various US Codes, to which he received a ten+ year sentence by THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA PENSACOLA DIVISION, Case No.: 3:06cr83/MCR

      This is a Notice of the violation of the acting Attorney(s) as to practicing law outside of their licensed jurisdiction, for a licensed attorney only has permission to practice law within the United States.

      As there is no evidence, that the acts that Kent Hovind was accused of doing, occurred on land that was owned by the United States of America at the time of the alleged crime. Or the subject land as addressed hereafter is in the same said jurisdiction of the US court, USC.

      All US written law have force derived from permission, as associated with proprietary right. All US written law is exclusively legislated for specific land, that being land owned by the United States of America and lacks such written permission to be enforced on land not owned by the United States of America. Said fact can not be altered or affected by any court, plaintiff, or defendant.

      No sustainable evidence exist that supports that Kent Hovind is a type subject to any US written law when occupying land not owned by the United States of America.

      All written laws have territorial limitations and the United States is no different from any other government in that respects (a jurisdictional component). You, as a/the USA Attorney MUST understand that statement because not only is this your job, you have taken an oath to uphold the written laws of the United States at all times. Your profession requires that you obey the written laws AND its limitations regardless of the implications that the truth may have on you.

      You are licensed to practice law ONLY in the United States and this is something that you may have overlooked in the past, but you can no longer ignore because I am bringing it to your attention right here and right now.

      What is relevant remains the fact that you are now informed that you are, have been, practicing law outside of the territorial jurisdiction of the United States and as such have been providing legal advice to your client / employer, to act outside of the United Sates, is a clear violation of the standards contained in the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Association from whom you derive your license to practice law.

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