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Re: [M & B] Re: comments on Jason Lisle's cosmology

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    By way of filling in the record on Jason Lisle s cosmological proposal..... it isn t new. He was proposing the dual velocity model for light years ago
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      By way of filling in the record on Jason Lisle's cosmological proposal..... it isn't new.

      He was proposing the "dual velocity" model for light years ago (before he had tenure) under the pen-name "Robert Newton." That is why I said (in my initial comments): "it looks like a rehash of his 'dual speed' model."

      One doesn't need to read very far in his "new" work to know exactly why this version was (almost certainly) never submitted to the mainstream scientific journals.... and why it will gain no traction toward scientific acceptance. As Todd points out, it may reinforce the beliefs of those who are already convinced of a literal Genesis. They will point to his publication in AIG's house journal as a "peer reviewed" publication. They will claim it is the "bias of atheistic science" that prevents its acceptance in the general scientific community. Vast numbers of them will be completely unaware their GPS wouldn't work if Lisle is right.

      It will be interesting to see what Willis has to say about Lisle's model and my proposed tests of it. (Though I think the fact GPS works should be a sufficient test.)

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      There's no fairness about it at all. Since the guy completely ignores dealing
      ith other physicists his Ph.D. in physics is meaningless. The fact that he did
      orrect work to earn his Ph.D. doesn't mean he's doing science now. A snake oil
      alesman with a Ph.D. who ignores dealing with professional peers simply means
      e knows how to pile the manure higher and deeper with people who don't know

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