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Re: Al Maxey and Church of Christ politics/opinions!

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  • Robert Baty
    David B. Willis, perhaps just in spite, ran over to his preferred coCBanned list and posted the following:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2011
      David B. Willis, perhaps just in spite, ran over to his preferred coCBanned list and posted the following:


      > From: David B. Willis
      > To: coCBanned@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Friday, March 4, 2011
      > Subject: Re: Al Maxey and Church of Christ politics/opinions!
      > In a message dated 3/4/2011 6:38:40 AM
      > Eastern Standard Time,
      > Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com writes:
      >> (Be careful, the batty Battey referenced
      >> is not this batty Baty!)
      > Since Baty posts Maxey's material without
      > criticism, I guess that means, when Al
      > Maxey applies the term "batty" to someone
      > (with a similar name) OPPOSING the liberal
      > views Maxey shares with Baty, then that is
      > just fine.
      > But if someone makes the same pun regarding
      > BATY or something similar for someone holding
      > the LIBERAL views they share...then that is
      > suddenly something awful.
      > Maxey and Baty are just hypocrites.
      > And they both are batty...i.e. total
      > fools regarding their doctrinal views.
      > David B. Willis

      I suspect David is reflecting a bit on the decades long Willis family hostility towards the likes of Al Maxey.

      Willis post is in reference to the following which I posted here:

      --- In Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Baty" <rlbaty60@...> wrote:

      (Be careful, the batty Battey referenced is not this batty Baty!)

      -----------Forwarded Message--------------

      From: Al Maxey
      Date: Thursday, March 3, 2011

      Subject: Supererogatory Worship

      by Al Maxey

      Issue #478 ------- March 4, 2011



      The superstition in which we grew up, though we
      may recognize it, does not lose its power over us.
      Not all are free who make mock of their chains.

      > Gotthold Ephraim Lessing {1729-1781}


      (snip main article)


      Readers' Reflections

      From a Minister in Missouri:

      Brother Al, I finally got a chance to finish reading Reflections
      #476 -- The OPA Strikes Again: Batty Battey's Body Bashing. All I can say is "Thank You!!" As a lifelong member of the One Cup fellowship within Churches of Christ, I find it shameful and embarrassing that one of our preachers (George Battey) would write, publish and distribute such filth as is found in his booklet. I was very offended at how he twisted God's Word in order to use it against his own brethren! The interesting thing is: George can actually be a fun and pleasant guy to be around. I have heard him give some stirring sermons. It is unfortunate that he is so shackled by the legalistic traditionalism to which he and a few others in the Old Paths Advocate faction are so devoted. I know, because I used to be one of them!! Keep up the good work, Al. I look forward to seeing you at The Tulsa Workshop. God bless you!

      From a Minister in California:

      Brother Maxey, It was GREAT talking with you on the phone today! As a preacher in the One Cup group, I very strongly support and encourage you in your fight for what's right. You must continue this good fight of faith (with God's Holy Spirit leading the way). Brother, the stands that you have taken against evil brethren are very much needed. ALL of your Reflections articles are great, but your single most brilliantly conceived and presented essay is "The Split-Second of Salvation" -- Reflections #348. I still believe that this article would cause even the most hardened legalist to pause and think ... even if only for a split-second!! Keep up the great work you are doing!!

      From a Reader in Texas:

      Dear Brother Al, I admit that I have thought at times, "I wish that Al would just leave these wackos alone!" And yet, I do not believe such would serve the purpose of Christ Jesus. Some men are put out on the front line of the battle for Truth because of their talents, and you, brother, happen to be one of those warriors God has placed out there in the trenches to deal with the buzzards!! Basically, and this may have been the point of your last Reflections, those who are intent upon devouring the lambs of God WIN when God's warriors step back and ignore what is happening right before their eyes! Brother Al, when you expose the ridiculous actions of these people, it opens the eyes of the rest of us to what is really happening! Keep up the great work, and warrior on!!

      From a Missionary in Honduras:

      Dear Brother Al, This morning (as I do every Wednesday) I am headed to the Tegucigalpa dump with food for the hungry!! At this dump, people compete with the buzzards as they search for something which they can eat or sell. It is a sight that is incredible, and impossible to describe. It's a very dark place! Your article today ("Battling the Buzzards") really hit home. Recent attacks on our ministry are best described as buzzard puke!! I really appreciate the advice that one cannot win a puking contest with buzzards! Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom.

      From a Missionary in Tanzania, Africa:

      Dear Brother Al, As crazy as it may sound, my wife posted that picture (the little girl followed by the buzzard) on our refrigerator years ago to remind us not only of how blessed we are, but also to cause us to focus not on trivial things, but rather on things that really matter in this world. There is pain and sorrow in this world that we will never know or experience. So, as we consider our own blessings, we should also be considering what we can do to be a blessing to others!

      From a Reader in China:

      Dear Bro. Al, I just read "Battling the Buzzards." I don't think I can remember you ever being quite so passionate in your writings before!! You must have received some really crazy emails to light that fire!! I LOVE IT!! Tell ya what -- you load 'em up, and you and I can sit there and pick those "buzzards" off one at a time!!

      From a Minister in Toronto, Canada:

      Brother Al, Both the buzzard photo and the article about the OPA booklet gave me the same sick feeling!! Many of us are thankful that you have the ability to deal with the teachings of such persons! Even though you will probably not be able to convince any of those whose income or reputation depend on the stands they have taken, nevertheless you are helping those caught up in their deceitful webs to break free.

      From a Missionary in Belgium:

      Brother Al, I would like to order all sixteen of your CDs -- as per your Special CD Offers. A check is enclosed. Also, the piece you wrote about the age of the earth -- Reflections #475 -- Theory of Evolutionary Creation: Are Christianity & Evolution Compatible? -- comes with excellent timing for our purposes here, as our upcoming program includes a mini-debate on this issue.

      From a Minister in Florida:

      Dear Brother Al, I enjoy reading your articles. I also appreciate your honest and open approach to the various topics you address. Thank you for your good work in your writing ministry. Please send me one copy each of your books Down, But Not Out and One Bread, One Body. Never give up, brother!!

      From a Reader in Florida:
      (An email sent to her sisters-in-Christ)

      Dear Sisters, I'm sending you a link to Al Maxey's last Reflections (#477), which I feel the need to share. You may have already read it if you are on his mailing list. Sometimes I've not enjoyed reading some of Al's Reflections articles, as they reveal the internal debates and battles of the various Church of Christ factions over doctrine and some long-held legalistic attitudes. Lots of times I've wondered why he bothered dealing with these attitudes!! Well, this article makes it very clear why Al Maxey continues to respond to the attacks he gets from his opponents in the church, and why he reveals their false doctrines to his readers through his writings. I will now have a much different attitude when I read his future articles dealing with the hatred and the opposition he faces! I'll understand that there are buzzards out there feeding off of the weak and sick in spirit, and that when we ignore them, doing nothing to protect the wounded and weak, we become part of that evil. Thank God for men like Al Maxey who have put themselves and their families at risk for vicious attacks from these people in order that they may free the slaves from their bondage to sin and legalism. God bless him!!

      From an Elder in West Virginia:

      Dear Brother Al, It has been a couple of years since my wife and I sat in your office and chatted with you! I appreciated that moment so much, and I still carry the memory of seeing you there at your desk amongst your interrupted work, taking the time for an unexpected visit with a brother passing through! Al, I am nearing the end of my earthly course. I am now an elder with a congregation that has fallen prey to vultures twice, yet we have managed to hang tight and stay loyal to the Lord. With God's help I'm trying to help mend the broken hearts and heal the hurts from the work of these vultures by demonstrating His love for these victims to the best of my ability. Brother, one of my biggest regrets is that I did not come across you years ago!! Your teaching has opened my eyes to a great many things that could have helped me better confront and confound these scavenging birds!! Perhaps God will bless my final years with opportunities to serve Him better! And, Bro. Al, I have you to thank for that! May God continue to bless your work for His cause.

      From a Reader in Oklahoma:

      Bro. Al, "Battling the Buzzards" was your most powerful Reflections yet. Now, I must decide what I am to do with what you have shown me!! Thank You, Al.

      From a Reader in Florida:

      Brother Al, I too want to battle the buzzards, and I know that many of us will resolve to do the same as you. Thus, we will be a force to be reckoned with! Thank you for exposing the danger the buzzards pose. Keep on keeping on, brother!

      From a Reader in New Mexico:

      Dear Brother Al, You've got to have the hide of an alligator to ward off all the buzzards that attack you on a weekly basis!! However, knowing you personally these many years, I defy anybody to refute your teachings of Truth from the Holy Bible. Your debate with the Contending for the Faith bunch -- The Maxey-Broking Debate on Patternism -- for example, showed that these people could only resort to name-calling and expressions of hatred toward you personally, rather than any reasoning from Scripture, throughout the debate, which just showed their foundation was loose sand, not solid rock. Brother Al, please keep up the good work. You have far more readers learning the right way via your teachings than you could ever imagine!! May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family.

      From a Reader in Connecticut:

      Dear Brother Al, Just for the record -- I was almost gone spiritually (like the girl in the picture) when you so boldly rescued me from the vultures of discouragement, hopelessness, despair and surrender. When no one else could (or would), you stepped right in and helped me safely to the camp where I found the nourishment of compassion, love, TRUTH and understanding. Thank you, Al, for keeping my "buzzards" at bay. I will forever be grateful for you helping me to reach the safety of that camp!! I love you, brother!!

      From a Reader in Florida:

      Brother Al, You have put us all to shame by your willingness to confront the buzzards in order to rescue their victims. Silence in the face of such evil can be very deadly!! I thank you for this article ("Battling the Buzzards"), and the serious reminder it provides that we are in spiritual warfare ... and that all too often, the enemy is in our ranks!

      From a Disaster Relief Leader in Louisiana:

      Brother Al, I agree with your writings most of the time, as you know, and have always deeply appreciated the work you do to "unseat" the legalists who are hurting the Gospel so much!! I only wish you were closer, so we could do some "face-to-face" talking. The photo you used in your article of the child stalked by the vulture stirred my heart. As you know, I have spent over 30 years helping hungry people in the wake of all kinds of disasters (including 6 wars)! I'm attaching some photos I took in Ethiopia in 1985, the only place I have been where people actually fell dead around me (not just one time, but many times)! God bless you, Al. May your ministry grow and continue to succeed. We need scholars such as yourself to point out the sin of legalism. The Lord Jesus Christ spent much of His time fighting this very same evil. However, let's not forget the many great brothers and sisters within our fellowship who devote time and money to feed the hungry in the name of our Lord. I am very proud to "cast my lot" with the Churches of Christ, for they are doing much around the world to help those less fortunate. I commend you for your work, Al, and pray that God will bless your fellow elders who, in their wisdom, continue to encourage you in this work!! And God bless your sweet wife, whom we remember fondly from our visit with you in Honolulu, Hawaii after hurricane Iniki.


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