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    Just some excerpts I thought relevant to this list:   REFLECTIONS Regarding Responsible Reformation ************************** by Al Maxey maxey@zianet.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2003
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      Just some excerpts I thought relevant to this list:

      Regarding Responsible Reformation
      by Al Maxey
      maxey@... ------- www.zianet.com/maxey/
      Issue #58 ------- July 30, 2003
      It is with narrow-souled people as with
      narrow-necked bottles; the less they have in
      them the more noise they make in pouring out.
      --- Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

      Reflections from Readers

      From a Preacher in Lubbock, Texas:

      Dear Apostate Al,

      I would not accuse you of being a racist or of believing that man
      evolved from a monkey.

      Apostate Al, you make a monkey out of yourself in just about everything
      you write. You lack hermeneutical skill and the ability to correctly use
      logic. In virtually every article you write, you prove that you do not
      know one thing about sound biblical exegesis. What one sees in your
      Reflections is sophistry, distortion of the truth, eisegesis, and the
      desire to be "different" --- all "reflections" of an ignorant (or
      dishonest), attention craving apostate.

      Apostate Al, I do not know whether to laugh at you, or feel sorry for
      you. In any case, I will pray for you and for those who might follow
      your screwball poppycock.

      Al's Response:

      A beloved professor in graduate school told me that when one began
      receiving letters such as the above, that one should not feel badly. It
      simply meant that one was bearing fruit for the Lord and had thereby
      come to the attention of Satan. I have been receiving such letters,
      emails and phone calls for years, and have often taken courage from the
      wise words of that professor. When disciples begin to seriously reflect
      upon God's Word, and to yearn for unity and harmony with all of their
      brethren, the forces of evil muster for a frontal assault.

      A preacher friend once informed me, when I first began preaching many
      years ago, "When you come to the attention of the Contending For The
      Faith bunch, you then will know you are successful in your service to
      God." The above critic is one of the Contending For The Faith writers,
      and has a long history of attacking anyone and everyone who takes a
      stand for the unity of believers in One Body. Being assaulted is never
      pleasant, but if it means that these Reflections are touching the hearts
      of God's people, thus causing great concern for Satan, then harsh
      pejoratives and caustic criticisms are a small price to pay for seeing
      Truth advanced and walls of exclusion come down and brethren united. May
      God continue to loosen the shackles of religious slavery and bring more
      precious souls into the freedom of

      His grace! --- Al Maxey

      From a Reader in Oregon:

      Dear Brother Al, I agree with you that the "young earth" proponents have
      a tendency to bend over backwards to prove their theory, just as much so
      as the evolutionists do in an effort to prove theirs.

      "The Science of God," by Gerald L. Schroeder, I think goes a long way to
      reconcile the Genesis account with quantum physics, and while it doesn't
      necessarily mean that it's absolutely correct, it does make for a strong
      argument against the "young earth." I don't have a problem with someone
      who takes the Genesis account at face value, but I do believe that a
      complete disregard for theories that probe the depths of Creation does a
      great disservice of our Lord's Word. Volumes can be written trying to
      explain a parable of Jesus and what the "real" meaning of His story may
      have been, yet, singularly it seems, when it comes to Genesis, it's
      almost taboo among believers today to even consider the possibility that
      it is not literal.

      Sometimes I have to stand in amazement of this and want to reply, "What
      if Jesus' parable of the sower was really just about farming?"

      The heavens and earth exist because of our Creator and they continue to
      exist because of the laws that He built into the system. I feel that we
      as finite creatures will never fully comprehend those laws, but to
      completely disregard that they exist undermines God's infinite wisdom.

      As for me, the science that substantiates "old earth" is also the
      science that might eventually realize the Genesis Creation account.

      Just the realization that our latest scientific thought is on the brink
      of agreement with Genesis, a text that was written thousands of years
      ago, fills me with that much more awe and praise for the Word of God.
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