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      TB>>Pi, what do you consider to be proof of God?
      We've been over that before. In physics, the output of an action is alwyas less than the input. If the universe came to be by the "Big Bang" or some similar process, as the evidence indicates, something greater than all the mass and energy in the universe that existed before the universe is necessary. Also, the law of cause and effect requires a first cause.

      Yeah. And I wonder how many Popes would agree with Pi's idea that the
      heavens DO NOT declare the glory of God (Ps.19:1)
      Nonsense. In fact, I have cited that very passage myself a number of times as (to me) "the heavens" are fairly screaming at us they are billions of years old, not thousands. Again, to me, this means God is far greater than the YEC view of Him.

      ...or that the power and divinity of God are NOT seen in the things which are made (Rom. 1:19-20). These passages tell us that the "design argument" is indeed a valid one.
      Whether it is valid or not isn't the point. David complained I didn't go after Todd based on the design argument. Further, David claimed Todd's comments were in conflict with the design argument, therefore were a challenge to my beliefs. I do not use the design argument. Therefore, if David wanted Todd to be challenged based on the design argument, it seems David (who does use the design argument) should have done so. Since I do NOT use the design argument, David was essentially complaining I wasn't defending his position.

      My comment on the matter stands.... If David wants someone to defend HIS position, then it is to HIM to do so.... not someone else who doesn't even use that argument.

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