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Al Maxey's readers reflect on Brown...

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    ...and by implication the NI preachers Benton & Willis: From: maxey@zianet.com Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 REFLECTIONS by Al Maxey Issue #446 ------- July 2, 2010
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      ...and by implication the NI preachers Benton & Willis:

      From: maxey@...
      Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010

      by Al Maxey

      Issue #446 ------- July 2, 2010

      (snip main article)

      Readers' Reflections


      From a Minister in Tennessee:

      Brother Al,

      Why am I not surprised by David Brown's letter?!

      It is sad that he and others sincerely believe they are defending the faith delivered to the saints (Jude 3).

      It just goes to show how many times those who consider themselves so "sound," are merely soundly deluded.

      "Therefore, let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall" (1 Cor. 10:12). My heart is saddened to think that such brethren, without even realizing it, have placed themselves in such a precarious position that they may actually receive against themselves the very judgment they so freely imposed upon others.

      From a Reader in Texas:

      Brother Al,

      More than anything, I really feel sorry for David Brown.

      It is almost as if he truly does not realize that he too has sin in his life.

      Also, be aware that your readers are vastly greater in number than those who follow the system of destruction aimed at God's children espoused by Mr. Brown.

      From a Reader in North Carolina:

      Dear Brother Al,

      As for the second part of your last Reflections, David Brown and the rest of the Pharisees in the "Confusing of the Faith" crowd are wasting their time if they think they are ever going to bully those of us who have been freed from the chains of legalism!

      God strike me dead if I ever return to that "prison" from which I have been set free.

      As I have said before, I will not pray for them, as it's a waste to throw one's pearls before swine. Besides, they don't covet our prayers; they don't even believe God hears our prayers.

      They merely seek validation for their self-righteous behavior.

      From a Reader in Texas:

      Brother Al,

      I was outraged by the audacity of David Brown.

      Who died and made him God?!

      Don't let such boneheads ever get to you, brother!

      From a Reader in California:

      Brother Al,

      As for David Brown, I'll not even waste my time with any comment regarding his "trash talk."

      If he is an example of one "grounded in Truth," then I am proudly among the "apostates" -- i.e., those loved by the Lord and saved by His grace!

      From a Minister in Nepal:

      Dear Bro. Al,

      How sad that some like David Brown speak sermons about other people rather than speaking about Jesus and His Gospel.

      From a Missionary in Bulgaria:

      Dear Brother Al,

      I just read the letter that David Brown sent to you and his "flock."

      I shouldn't be surprised about this sort of thing, but these guys do still continue to stun me with all their vitriol.

      Don't they have anything better to do?!

      Of course, that was a rhetorical question. I've been "up close and personal" with this sort of behavior before.

      From an Author/Leader in Texas:

      Brother Al,

      I am very sorry about the scathing attack from Mr. Brown.

      I would suggest suing for libel, but you would need to prove damages, and, frankly, I think his "rabid rants" actually increase your standing in the eyes of God's grace-filled followers.

      From a Reader in Texas:

      Dear Bro. Al,

      You're correct that David Brown needs God's love and grace.

      But I believe he could also benefit from some professional treatment by a psychiatrist.

      His email clearly reveals a person suffering from some sort of mental illness, due to the extremely high levels of hatred he displays for those with whom he disagrees.

      This is not normal, and it could even prove to be a very dangerous mental condition!!

      We should all pray that David's friends and family will come to recognize his condition and convince him to get some help before it is too late.

      People like this are walking time bombs just waiting to explode!

      From a Reader in California:

      Dearest Bro. Al,

      The statement by David Brown was so vile that I could hardly stand to read it.

      Judgmental, critical, hate-filled people like him show their fear and loathing of others so openly and brazenly that I honestly do not know how anyone who sits inside their buildings can do so without actually fearing retribution raining down on their buildings from God while these men are speaking.

      Does David Brown truly think it is acceptable to use such language?

      Why, I haven't heard the term "faggot" since we left the Old Paths Advocate "approved fellowship" almost 30 years ago!

      I had hoped never to hear such name-calling again, and yet there it is -- right from the mouth of someone who clearly knows nothing uplifting, helpful and loving to say unto others (and he's an elder and preacher?!).

      So sad!

      From a Reader in Oklahoma:

      Dear Brother Al,

      Thanks for your good work!!

      As for David Brown's pathetic missile -- what he wrote is so disgusting it defies description!

      Al, if we are blessed when men revile us, then you are undoubtedly destined to have a great shower of blessings in Heaven (and maybe on this earth also).

      Most people are turned off by their tactics, and their groups grow smaller and smaller.

      From a Reader in Virginia:

      Brother Al,

      David P. Brown has spoken "all manner of evil against you," but he has failed amid his tirade to produce ANY substantive example or proof of a single accusation he has made against you!

      He's conceived and built a bogus argument (based on his own pathetic and profane use of Scriptures ripped from their context) in a misguided effort to besmirch your good name and work.

      He has instead completely soiled himself in his attempt to do such to you, and has laid open for all to see his pornographic mindset, as well as his inability to "speak the truth."

      It is time the dust is shaken from our feet of the likes of childish "men" such as Brown and his cohorts.

      After all, in a few years he and his contentious curmudgeons will have all gone the way of the Dodo.

      From a Leader at New Wineskins:

      Brother Al,

      My reaction to David P. Brown's character study of you is that it is vicious, personal, insulting, unChristian and composed entirely of opinion!

      There is not one accusation --- substantiated or otherwise --- regarding how or where or on what occasion or because of what belief you might have transgressed.

      It would be inadmissible in a court of law, except as evidence of slander committed by Mr. David P. Brown himself.

      You have humored him sufficiently, in my opinion; and generously given him more publicity than his words deserve.

      Time to go back to ignoring him, I think.

      From a Reader in Texas:

      Brother Al,

      Goodness gracious!!

      I find it hard to believe that David Brown actually wrote that email.

      It seems more like a caricature of the imperative personality and its application in religion!

      The last paragraph is absolutely astonishing!!

      The references linking you to Barney Frank are just bizarre, to say the least.

      The venom coming from Brown seems thinly veiled (if it was even intended to be).


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