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What was the Pine Lane church preacher, T.W. Benton, thinking?

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  • rlbaty50
    See: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/coCBanned/message/22805 ... What s with that proposal? The GAG2Discussion group is a partnership between Terry and his
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2010


      > From: Terry W. Benton
      > Website: http://www.pinelanechurchofchrist.com
      > To: coCBanned@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010

      > Subject: Re: Charles' Christian walk

      > (excerpt)

      > I would rather ignore Baty...unless
      > (he is) willing to engage a personal
      > debate on GAG2discussion.

      > Terry W. Benton
      > http://www.pinelanechurchofchrist.com

      What's with that proposal?

      The "GAG2Discussion" group is a partnership between Terry and his Baptist fellow Goldsmith; a place for them to present their false testimony regarding me and the "Goliath of GRAS".

      No good reason to engage their ungodly antics there!

      Here's the link to that group:


      That group is to be distinguished from Terry's "GAGDebate" list at:


      I have been active on that list in trying to help Terry with his problems with the "Goliath of GRAS". However, Terry, as he announced, refused to timely post my messages. Lately, however, he posted three identifical messages from me and then, apparently, just left the list instead of take up the discussion where I left it.

      Perhaps Terry will yet return to his own "GAGDebate" list and openly, honestly deal with what appears to be his greatest blunders to date; the truth of the major premises of his "4 arguments".

      Better yet, perhaps Terry will actually return to the Maury_and_Baty list where he will be able to demonstrate his repentance and openly, honestly and honorably deal with his problems regarding the "Goliath of GRAS" and me.

      Terry has free and unlimited access to this list.

      Robert Baty
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