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Fw: ACU's new leadership!

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  • rlbaty50
    (But will he make a full disclosure regarding the history of 70-549 and speak to the merits of the FFRF IRC 107 suit!) ... From: ACU Board of Trustees
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2010
      (But will he make a full disclosure regarding the history of 70-549 and speak to the merits of the FFRF IRC 107 suit!)

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      From: ACU Board of Trustees <presidentialsearch@...>
      Date: Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 10:30 AM
      Subject: A Message from the ACU Board of Trustees
      To: cmb04c@...

      Schubert named 11th president of Abilene Christian University

      We are pleased to announce that Dr. Phil Schubert has been chosen to serve as Abilene Christian University's next president.

      The Board of Trustees' decision is the culmination of a prayerful process and a diligent, thoughtful national search which led to the consideration of a wealth of excellent prospects. In the end, we found our new leader right here on our campus.

      Dr. Schubert is an individual in whom the university and this board have tremendous confidence. The fact that someone of Dr. Schubert's caliber will now lead this 104-year-old institution bodes well for ACU's future. We are excited about the energy and enthusiasm he brings to his new role.

      Prior to appointing Dr. Schubert, the Board listened closely to the ACU community. We solicited your input early and often. You told us plainly that ACU's next president should be an honest, trustworthy, Christ-centered leader; a person of integrity, approachable and personable, driven by a compelling sense of mission. We believe that both of our finalists embody these characteristics. We have concluded, however, that Dr. Schubert is best suited to help ACU manage the opportunities and challenges of the coming years.

      Dr. Schubert prepares to take the reins from Dr. Royce Money who, during his 19 years of service, has successfully led our university through numerous challenges to new levels of service and accomplishment. Going forward, we are confident Dr. Schubert will hold fast to ACU's 21st Century Vision and continue to take the university to new heights. He believes that, while these are challenging times, ACU remains poised to become the premier university for the education of Christ-centered global leaders.

      We ask you to join us in extending our sincerest appreciation to co-finalist Dr. Rick Lytle. He has served ACU with distinction for 19 years, and continues to do so as the Dean of the College of Business Administration and as he leads our students this semester in ACU's Study Abroad program at Oxford. His ardent love and passionate support of the university's mission is clear to all who know him. Dr. Lytle says, "My support and prayers are with Phil and his family as they assume leadership of this great university. May each of us continue to work hard, stay on mission, and give thanks for the blessings resulting from our associations with Abilene Christian University."

      Dr. Schubert will formally begin his responsibilities as the 11th president of Abilene Christian University on June 1, 2010. Thank you for your prayerful support of the search process that has brought us to this milestone, and please continue to seek God's blessings for our university, our students and for our next president.


      Sharron Drury and Jim Porter

      Members of the ACU Board of Trustees
      Co-chairs of the Presidential Transition Team

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