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Re: Fwd: McDonald contradicts himself..he is exposed

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  • Jerry McDonald
    Come on Jerry--you have already stated that the KJV is the most accurate which means it isn t perfect. You re the one who claimed there is a perfect Bible.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2009
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      Come on Jerry--you have already stated that the KJV is the "most accurate" which means it isn't perfect.

      You're the one who claimed there is a perfect Bible. However, when it comes time to produce said Bible all we get is a bunch of the crud like you've posted below

      You have our attention Jerry--we are waiting---you said you have a perfect Bible--ok, let's see it. I stand firm--you don't have one

      Now post some more gibberish

      I gave him the KJV, and all he could say was that most scholars say that it is the worst translation.  Well...I wouldn't say "most scholars" say that.  I would say that "all liberal scholars" or those who don't care anything about Bible authority or inspiration say that, but then they fit right in along with the atheist/agnostic and the skeptic.  I guess this is where this person fits.

      --- End forwarded message ---

      "The law of contradiction for propositions is:  no two propositions can be both true and false in the same respects"(Logic and the Bible, p.23).  My opponent says I have contradicted myself.  Where have I done this?  He asked for the perfect Bible.  I gave him the KJV as the best translation and textual criticism which would give him the perfect Bible.  Because he doesn't understand textual criticism he claims that I have contradicted myself.  He needs to study more rather than relying on some mysterious spirit to tell him what to say.  The Holy Spirit speaks as he has always spoken, only through the word of God.  At one time he spoke through the spoken word, but now he speaks through the written word.  The written word is nothing more than the written accounts of the spoken word.  So, if the Bible is imperfect, then God is imperfect because the Bible is the written account of God's spoken word.

      In Christ Jesus
      Jerry McDonald

      P.S. We don't worship the Bible, we worship God.  But we know that the Bible is his word.

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