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Spiritual and eternal death. -- A debate challenge

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  • Jerry McDonald
    (VI)   (VII) (Word Study Dictionary, e-Sword).Rom_6:21, Rom_6:23; Jam_5:20; 1Jo_5:16-17) which, in respect to the natural and temporal, is called the second
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      (VII)" (Word Study Dictionary, e-Sword).Rom_6:21, Rom_6:23; Jam_5:20; 1Jo_5:16-17) which, in respect to the natural and temporal, is called the second death (Rev_2:11; Rev_20:6, Rev_20:14) and implies everlasting punishment (Rev_21:8). Eternal death (
      According to the Word Study Dictionary, a Greek Lexicon, the word death when used in reference to our sins has reference to spiritual death and eternal death.  Spiritual death is spiritual separation from spiritual life.  Eternal death is everlasting punishment.  We have seen from several lexicons that the word "destroy" is used metaphorically to refer to eternal damnation.  In other words, the torment will continue rather than to be burned up.  What about those verses that say that the wicked shall be burned up?
       Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. (Mat 3:12)
      It is interesting how those who make literal things into parables (the rich man and Lazarus) and parabalic things literal.  Here you have John talking about Jesus (v:11) baptizing with the Holy Spirit and with Fire.  The "with Fire" here is often thought of as being part of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but it isn't, it goes along with verse 12, "Whose fan is in his hand."  Whose hand, "Jesus's!"  "and he"  Jesus  "will throughly purge his floor (the world) and gather his wheat (the righteous) into the garner (heaven); but he will burn up with unquenchable fire.
      Now notice what McGarvey had to say:
      but the chaff [when the Bible wishes to show the worthlessness and the doom of the ungodly, chaff is one of its favorite figures-- Job_21:18, Psa_1:4, Isa_17:13, Jer_15:7, Hos_13:3, Mal_4:1] he will burn up [To prevent chaff from being blown back and mixed again with the wheat, it was burned up. All the chaff in the church shall be consumed on the day of judgment ( 1Co_3:12, 1Co_3:13), and there shall be no mixing of good and bad after death-- Luk_16:26] with unquenchable fire [In this and in other places ( 2Th_1:8, 2Th_1:9, Mar_9:48, Mat_25:41), the future suffering of the wicked is taught in the Bible. He shows no kindness to his neighbor, no friendship toward mankind, who conceals the terrors of the Lord. These terrors are set forth in no uncertain terms. Many believe that God will restore the wicked and eventually save all the human race. Others hold that God will annihilate the wicked, and thus end their torment. This passage and the one cited in
      Mark would be hard to reconcile with either of these views; they indicate that there will be no arrest of judgment nor stay of punishment when once God begins to execute his condemnation. God purged the world with water [80] at the time of the flood; he will again purge it with fire on the day of judgment-- 2Pe_3:7-10.]   18 With many other exhortations [The sermon here given is in the nature of a summary. It embodies the substance of John's preaching. Afterwards John preached Christ more directly-- Joh_1:29-36] therefore preached he good tidings unto the people. [but, like the good tidings of the angel at Bethlehem, it was good only to those who, by repentance, made themselves well pleasing to God.] [81]  McGarvey's Commentary. e-Sword.
      This verse does not say that the wicked will be annihilated.  It simply uses this as a figure of speech to show that as the chaff is burned up by fire the wicked shall be burned up by unquenchable fire.  However, the chaff is a material thing that can be extinquished.  A soul is something that will never be extinquished.  There was a time when Jerry McDonald existed, but there will never be a time when Jerry McDonald doesn't exist from the time of my conception.  Even if I am lost, I will continue to exist.
      This idea of annihilation is a convienent doctrine that soft preachers want to preach so that they can keep their fat checks and comfortable positions and keep everyone happy.  They don't want people getting mad at them, so they preach smooth thing rathe than right things (Isa. 30:10).  They know that if they preach the truth as given in the scriptures on Hell, that it will upset people and it might make people leave and they might lose their fat checks and healthy bank accounts.  Well, I would rather make people mad at me now than to have God mad at me in the day of judgment.  I know that hell will be eternal.  I know that people will suffer eternally.  I know that we won't be annihilated.  I challenge any "annihilist theorist" to come either to C2BE or ChallengeII and debate the issue with me.  The last person that debated this issue with me backed out before the debate was supposed to end.  Go to the following website and read it.  They
      don't have a case.
      In Christ Jesus
      Jerry McDonaldJoh_5:24; 1Jo_3:14). As spiritual life consists in constant communication with the divine Life, so spiritual death is the separation from that Life. Spiritual death (

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