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10 Commandments Claim; anyone care to check it out!

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  • Robert Baty
    ... (excerpts) ... http://www.jmcenter.org/pages/south_wall_frieze.html. ... http://www.jmcenter.org/UserDocs/PGC_v_Summum_SCt_11-12-08_transcript_oral_arg.pdf
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2009
      I just saw this and thought I would post it to see if anyone cared to check it out. It was posted to another list:

      > To: Xxxx
      > From: Xxxx
      > Date: Friday, April 10, 2009 9:37 PM
      > Subject: Xxxx


      >> Are the TEN COMMANDMENTS
      >> to be found in the United States
      >> Supreme Building? Yes.

      > (T)he following statement of yours
      > is incorrect:

      >> "Are the TEN COMMANDMENTS
      >> to be found in the United States
      >> Supreme Building? Yes."

      > Tablet Moses is holding contains
      > four or five lines of Hebrew
      > characters. The top three lines
      > translated into English read:

      >> "Thou shall commit murder."
      >> "Thou shall commit adultery."
      >> "Steal."

      > See photo and description at:


      > Jay Sekulo...confirmed this...

      > Transcript available here


      > The fourth and fifth lines do not
      > have sufficient Hebrew characters
      > to translate.

      > Adolph Weinman spoofed the Supreme > Court by not chiseling in the Hebrew
      > character for "lo" ("not" in English).

      > Therefore, if one is honest, they should
      > say that the Ten Commandments are
      > not displayed anywhere inside the
      > Supreme Court Building.

      > This raises the question of whether
      > Chief Justice Rehnquist committed a
      > fraud upon the Court in Van Orden v.
      > Perry (2005)when he wrote in his
      > plurality opinion that the Ten
      > Commandments are depicted on the
      > South Wall Frieze knowing (since
      > 1997) that they were not.

      Robert Baty

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