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The more creationists "change" the more they stay the same

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  • Todd S. Greene
    Notice that we re certainly not the only ones who recognize the fallacious and deceitful nature of the tactics that creationists employ. - Todd Greene
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2009
      Notice that we're certainly not the only ones who recognize the
      fallacious and deceitful nature of the tactics that creationists employ.

      - Todd Greene


      Good news and bad news for Expelled
      (National Center for Science Education, 1/1/2009)

      As 2008 drew to a close, the good news for the producers of Expelled:
      No Intelligence Allowed was that their creationist propaganda movie
      was getting a bit of press again. The bad news is that it was in the
      lists of the worst movies of 2008. The Onion's A.V. Club (December 16,
      2008), was quickest out of the gate, commenting, "There are terrible
      movies, and then there are terrible movies that cause harm to society
      by feeding into its ignorance. Nathan Frankowski's odious
      anti-evolution documentary belongs in the latter category. ... Few
      moments in cinema in 2008 were as shameless and disgusting as the
      Expelled sequence where Stein solemnly visits a Nazi death camp and
      unsubtly links 'survival of the fittest' theory to the Holocaust."

      John Serba of the Grand Rapids Press (December 26, 2008) wrote, "Ben
      Stein hosts this pro-Intelligent Design documentary that forgets to
      include a compelling argument for this viewpoint, and instead chooses
      to equate Darwinism and its legions of rational scientist followers
      with Nazis and the Holocaust. Facts rooted in reality are at a premium
      in this insidious, crassly manipulative dreck." Roger Moore of the
      Orlando Sentinel (December 26, 2008) commented, "Ben Stein's
      documentary was a cynical attempt to sucker Christian conservatives
      into thinking they're losing the 'intelligent design' debate because
      of academic 'prejudice.'" Stephen Whitty of the Newark Star-Ledger
      (December 27, 2008) described Expelled as lifting "its nonsensical
      knowledge of early man from an Alley Oop comic and its sense of honest
      inquiry from a snake-handling preacher." In the LA City Beat (December
      30, 2008), Andy Klein wrote, "Stein's 'intelligent design' documentary
      has all the red flags — inadequate or misleading identification of
      interviewees, aggressively manipulative editing, extraordinary claims
      without extraordinary evidence, and extreme leaps of logic ...
      particularly suggesting guilt by association, even to the point of
      laying blame for the Holocaust on Darwin." And Ken Hanke of the
      Ashville, North Carolina, Mountain Xpress (December 31, 2008) said
      that Expelled was "as corrupt a piece of work as you'll ever encounter."

      Expelled fared no better north of the border. Jay Stone of the Canwest
      News Service (December 26, 2008) described Expelled as "a masterwork
      of intellectual dishonesty." And Richard Crouse of Canada AM (December
      30, 2008) commented, "Wrapping his thesis in good old American
      jingoistic rhetoric — remember this guy used to write speeches for
      Nixon — Stein repeatedly compares Darwinist scientists to communists
      by the suggestion that the only way they can get funding for research
      is to be good Darwinist 'comrades' and even makes the outrageous
      connection between Darwin's theory and Nazism." Crouse added, "Perhaps
      it isn't just a coincidence that the host's initials are B.S."
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