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Fwd: Al Maxey on Daniel Denham's preaching & Robert Waters!

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    To: Reflections From: Al Maxey Subject: Reflections Objections Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008 4:19 PM REFLECTIONS by Al Maxey Issue #368 ------- October 10,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2008
      To: Reflections
      From: Al Maxey
      Subject: Reflections Objections
      Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008 4:19 PM

      by Al Maxey

      Issue #368 ------- October 10, 2008


      From Darrell Broking in Tennessee:

      > Al, You might be interested in
      > the sermons at --

      http://www.bellviewcoc.com/meeting.php .

      > You are mentioned in many of them,
      > especially the sermon on

      >> "The Day of Judgment."

      > I agree with everything that was
      > said in this series.

      The above series of eight sermons (which are all made available in
      audio-video format) were delivered by Daniel Denham, who is a
      preacher in Newport News, Virginia.

      This was a so-called "Gospel Meeting" held at the Bellview Church of
      Christ in Pensacola, Florida. It began on Sunday, September 28, 2008
      and continued through Friday, October 3, 2008.

      The minister of this little congregation of about 70 people is
      Michael Hatcher.

      What makes this all so very interesting is that both Daniel Denham
      and Michael Hatcher are part of the Contending for the Faith bunch,
      and are very strong supporters of Darrell Broking.

      It appears that my debate with Darrell on the topic of legalistic
      patternism has them somewhat rattled if "Al Maxey" is far more the
      focus of a week-long "Gospel Meeting" than Jesus Christ.

      How sad.

      This congregation, in years past, was also the home-base from which
      Ira Y Rice, Jr. sent forth his legalistic dogma in the Contending for
      the Faith magazine.

      I sent an email to Michael Hatcher in which I requested a set of the
      DVD's of this gospel meeting.

      He wrote back saying that he would send me the entire set just as
      quickly as they were made available.

      I look forward to receiving this series and examining these lessons
      in greater depth.

      --- Al Maxey

      SPECIAL NOTE --- It has been brought to my attention that a person by
      the name of Robert Waters, who lives in Arkansas, if memory serves me
      correctly, has written a booklet (about 35 pages long) in which he
      has sought to expose me as one of the greatest threats to the Lord's
      church today.

      It is titled:

      > "Al Maxey, Friend or Foe of 'The
      > Cross of Christ?' (Philippians 3:18)
      > -- A Review of Some of the Teachings
      > of a Change Agent and Agitator."

      Robert Waters stated in his Introduction,

      > "His inconsistent teachings and
      > irresponsible actions ... provoked
      > me to expose these things in this
      > short booklet that is being published
      > on my web site and sent to many
      > influential brethren across the
      > country and world."

      He added,

      > "I will be refuting some of his false
      > and dangerous teachings."

      At the end of his booklet, he clearly states,

      > "Al is not one of us.
      > He is a wolf in sheep's clothing."

      He refers to me as a

      > "spiritual terrorist, posing as a
      > preacher of the gospel in the
      > church of the Lord."

      He concludes by saying,

      > "In view of the facts that have
      > been presented, many of which
      > are supported by clear statements
      > from Al, it has become apparent
      > that he is an enemy of Jesus."

      For those readers who might want to wade through his many distortions
      and misrepresentations, this booklet may be found at --


      --- Al Maxey

      --- End forwarded message ---
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