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Re: Fwd: Dear Darrell Broking, by Al Maxey!

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  • w_w_c_l
    ... The opening from Broking s first negative: (http://www.zianet.com/maxey/DBneg1.pdf) ... So *there*, Al! That ought to teach you not to press character
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22, 2008
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      > --- In coCBanned@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Baty"
      > <rlbaty@> wrote:
      > To: Reflections
      > From: Al Maxey
      > Date: Monday, September 22, 2008 5:25 PM
      > Subject: Dear Darrell Broking
      > by Al Maxey
      > Issue #365 ------- September 23, 2008
      > **************************
      > Again and again there comes a time in history
      > when the man who dares to say that two and two
      > make four is punished with death.
      > Albert Camus {1913-1960}
      > **************************
      > Dear Darrell Broking
      > A Reader's Insightful Appeal
      > In his third affirmative to the 1st proposition
      > in the Maxey-Broking Debate, which was dated
      > Saturday, August 9, 2008, Darrell Broking made
      > the following offer to the followers of this dialogue:
      > > "If you want your comments to get
      > > through to Maxey's readers, send
      > > them to me at
      > > darrell.broking@... and
      > > I will try to find a place for your
      > > comments in my posts.
      > > Regardless of what is said, God's
      > > Word is what determines truth."
      > One reader, assuming Darrell meant what he said,
      > sent him a very insightful, as well as respectful,
      > email. Apparently Darrell was unable, or unwilling,
      > to "find a place" for these thoughts, for they
      > never appeared.
      > Therefore, I informed this writer that I would
      > "make good" on Darrell Broking's promise to get his
      > comments "through to Maxey's readers."

      The opening from Broking's first negative:

      | "Maxey wants the readers of this debate to believe
      | that I just signed on to the proposition that I
      | affirmed a few weeks ago. Maxey knows that is not
      | true, but like the false teacher that he is he needs
      | to keep pressing character issues because he can't
      | deal with the doctrine."


      | "Readers of this debate on the fringes have come to
      | understand just how deeply Maxey is stooped into the
      | outer darkness of his false teaching. Additionally,
      | Maxey the wolf is not chasing fluffy little bunnies;
      | he is too busy seeking to devour the sheep of God's
      | flock."

      So *there*, Al! That ought to teach you not to "press
      character issues"!

      I can't help but wonder about Broking's debate strategy
      here. He said he would publish the letters himself, to
      keep Al from tampering with them, but about the only
      thing he has published is junk from David P. Brown and
      the "caterwauling" of Daniel Denham and "the boys".

      Glowing words, of course -- you would need a pair of
      blacksmith tongs to handle them -- but where are the
      hosannas of those dwelling in darkness who had seen a
      great light?

      He did get one other letter though, and in his negative
      to Al's first affirmative, Broking spends 15 pages
      trying to defend removing the links from Al's posts,
      to Tom Shiflett, who wrote in part:

      | ...If you have the truth and Al does not have the
      | truth, then you have nothing to worry about. If
      | someone in your group is starting to change their
      | mind on things, then work with them one on one to
      | show them the truth. Just answer the questions that
      | they have. Your integrity is saying a lot to these
      | people. After this, it would not suprise me if
      | Darrell quit this debate.
      | It sounds like to me that you are getting very
      | desperate. If that is the case, then go get some help.
      | I know of some people that think like you do that
      | you can go to. Dave Miller at AP in Montgomery,
      | Alabama...

      Ouch!! Talk about twisting the knife!!

      Can't you just see any of these guys going to Dave
      Miller for a little help?

      Yep. I really really have to wonder about these
      "contenders". Remember when they went on that
      witch-hunt through the MySpace pages of the SWSBS
      faculty and students? Remember when Denham posted
      all that militant atheist propaganda to the
      ContendingFTF list? Seems like every time they get
      riled up and start twirling their six-shooters
      around, they end up hurting themselves.

      Just keep 'em talking, Al; they'll prove your point
      for you!

      Rick Hartzog
      Worldwide Church of Latitudinarianism
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