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Re: Where we are at!

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  • Robert Baty
    Here is a link to one recent message on the coCBanned list where Jerry indicates he may have resumed his unseemly course of broadcasting YouTube videos about
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 30, 2008
      Here is a link to one recent message on the coCBanned list where Jerry indicates he may have resumed his unseemly course of broadcasting YouTube videos about me:


      The following appears to be the link to the referenced YouTube video:

      YouTube - What Does the Bible say about Creation (4)


      My WebTv system will not cooperate and allow me to watch it. There has been over 50 viewings indicated. No comments appear to have been posted to the video site regarding the video.

      Maybe someone here will view it and report as to whether or not Jerry has resumed his unseemly course of broadcasting on YouTube his false and misleading claims about me.

      Robert Baty

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      From: Robert Baty
      Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2008 8:39 PM
      To: Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com, coCBanned@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [M & B] Re: Where we are at!

      ?For ready reference, here are a couple of messages (relevant excerpts), from those Jerry D. McDonald esteems highly, showing how Jerry was previously counseled regarding his unseemly conduct.

      Jerry's reply to the advice where he indicated he would accept the criticism and "repent" is also shown below, and yet has now been lately ignoring the advice and opinions of even those he esteems.


      (From the formerly public archives)


      Message #630

      From: Johnie Scaggs
      Date: May 3, 2008

      Subject: Re: {Disarmed} Response To Robert


      Jack H Williams <jhw@...> wrote:

      Hello Jerry,

      I have not had time to view your messages, but after I got the email that Charles sent I viewed the last one.

      I have to agree with Charles that the whole tenor of the message is one which
      does no good whatsoever to elevate the cause of Christ and would no doubt cause
      reproach in the minds of many.

      I know to that in responding to evil we are not to let ourselves be overcome with the
      same (Romans 12:21).

      Anyone viewing the last message would wonder how anyone could get a Christian to respond in such a way.

      I would recommend ingnoring the man...

      I would simply ignore the man.

      If it meant that I would have to stop using email / discussion groups or even to get rid of every computer in my house, I would
      recommend doing that rather than being brought down to his level (Matthew 18:9).

      If you want to continue to use the Internet for good you can send out edifying
      teaching articles through your bulletin list and such and even distribute
      edifying videos - and easily continue...

      If he responds to those - ignore him.

      (J)erry, you also said this was a great strain on your family, your health and your work with the church - I cannot imagine how much that is so.

      If your family is under a great strain because of this, why not disregard it all
      - shut down the discussion groups if necessary - and then take a vacation in
      which your family can rest and enjoy one another?

      It seems that this would be beneficial to your family, your health and your work
      in the Kingdom.

      As I looked at the last video it seemed to me that you are falling right into the hands and plan of this man...

      I would recommend you refuse to do that.

      It seems to me that at this point this man is in control of your life rather than God or yourself.

      He is pulling the strings and making you jump to his bidding.

      Just some thoughts.


      Jack H. Williams
      39th Street Church of Christ
      15331 East 39th Street
      Independence, MO 64055


      (from the formerly public archives)


      Message 626

      From: Jerry McDonald
      Date: May 3, 2008

      Subject: Re: Response To Robert


      Charles and Leanna Coats <clcoats@...> wrote:


      I have been reading some of the exchanges concerning your proposed debate between Robert Baty and yourself. I appreciate your desire to challenge error and to give a Biblical response to that error.

      However, I am greatly concerned about your attitude that you have expressed.

      To be honest with you, I would not debate you on any subject simply because you express such a hatred towards your opponent.

      In the exchange below, you call your opponent a liar, question his credibility, and are seeking the opportunity to rip him apart in front of an audience.

      Then, to top it all off, you tell him that if he does not show up, you will expose his as the "biggest coward of all time".

      Jerry, can you honestly say that you care about Robert Baty's soul?

      Can you honestly say that this debate is about giving people the opportunity to open their Bibles and examine the issues (both sides of the issues) fairly and openly...

      Can you honestly say that this debate is not about exalting Jerry McDonald at whatever costs?

      With the attitude you express, it would be hard to say that God will be glorified in this debate.

      While you may teach the truth, your
      attitude towards a fellow human being will come across as hatred.

      I have to question if you truly love Robet Baty. If you did, then while you may disagree with him on whatever this issue is, you would still treat him with respect, kindness, courtesy, compassion, and a
      true desire to help him go to Heaven.

      None of these do I see in your attitude.

      If you want to debate Robert Baty or anyone else, then you are going
      to have to do so with a desire to save a soul.

      Therefore, your attitude will be one of sorrow and compassion because a
      soul is lost.

      Not an attitude of " trouncing my opponent".

      Personally, Jerry, I believe that you need to repent of having such an unloving attitude.

      You have brought this out into public on such things as "You Tube", which can be seen by anyone who so desires.

      I wonder if those who are not members of the church are greatly impressed by your attitude.

      If you and Robert want to debate, the do
      so, but do it guided by love and not by hatred.

      If you are going to continue to have such an attitude towards those you challenge, then please remove me from your e-mail list.

      Our battle is difficult and I need my brethren helping me help others go
      to Heaven, not being hateful towards one another.

      Yours in Christ,
      Charles Coats
      church of Christ at Webberville


      (From the public archives)


      Message #630

      From: Johnie Scaggs
      Date: May 3, 2008

      Subject: Re: {Disarmed} Response To Robert


      Jerry McDonald <bellecoc@...> wrote:

      Dear Jack, and Charles.

      I (Jerry McDonald) do apologize for allowing things to get out of hand.

      Both of you (Charles & Jack) are right as far as my attitude is concerned.

      I (Jerry McDonald) do get touchy...

      I have removed all the videos and comments concerning Robert Baty.

      Both of you are right about the attitude that I showed in those videos, especially the last one.

      I am going to try to ignore the man, as I have many times before, but I don't
      think I will be successful.

      I do appreciate both of your letters to me and I will try to do better in the future.

      And I ask everyone to forgive me, I was wrong...

      Jerry D. McDonald


      My further comments:

      If none of Jerry's esteemed friends are going to now help him again, perhaps he will reconsider seriously the above advice, repent and bring forth his works meet for his repentance.

      By the way, didn't Jerry indicate recently that his latest YouTube video had something to say about me?

      Did anyone happen to check into that?

      I didn't!

      Robert Baty


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