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Re: New Video?

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  • w_w_c_l
    ... Todd, I did see Jerry McDonald s pending message and made a note of it. But I feel the same as you do -- McDonald has used up all his rope with me. I
    Message 1 of 7 , May 2, 2008
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      --- In Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com, "Todd S. Greene"
      <greeneto@...> wrote:
      > Jerry, frankly, you've used up all your rope with me,
      > and I'm going to cut short any of your lies I see you
      > using as I see them, with no patience whatsoever.


      I did see Jerry McDonald's pending message and made a
      note of it. But I feel the same as you do -- McDonald
      has used up all his rope with me. I figured I would
      just mention that a message was pending and let Robert
      deal with it as he saw fit, since I was aware that
      Robert's messages were not getting posted to McDonald's

      I didn't realize it would take until this morning before
      Robert checked back in, but even if I had I would have
      still done the same thing. "So McDonald has a message
      pending," says I. "Big deal!" says I.

      I "promoted" Robert to moderator so he could take care
      of McDonald himself through these negotiations, since I
      have been out and about away from the computer a lot for
      the past several days and since McDonald didn't want any
      interaction here with anyone but Robert.

      As Robert says, all of McDonald's messages have now been
      posted and McDonald's worries do not worry me at all. I
      slept just fine last night while McDonald's message
      fretted away in the pending zone.

      It's easy for me to understand why you would assume that
      McDonald was just lying, yet again.

      You wrote:

      > What I have observed about you, Jerry, over the last
      > several months, is that you are ever so quick to make
      > accusations based on ill-informed (I don't even think
      > "informed" belongs here!) knee-jerk reactions, and then
      > ever so slow (in fact, most of the time you never do it)
      > to correct your errors.

      Indeed. I have observed the same thing. A lot of the
      time he just makes stuff up as it suits him, and then
      when he gets caught in his lie he has all sorts of
      excuses but *he doesn't correct his lies*. I learned
      several months ago to just go ahead and assume that
      McDonald was lying and you'll be right more often than
      not. Even simple statements that are technically true
      take on deceitful intent when uttered by McDonald.

      > Oh, by the way, the only reason that any man would be
      > "shaking in his boots" because another man considers
      > this to be a serious argument
      > | If Robert Baty agreed to moderate for Todd Greene in
      > | the McDonald-Greene debate on the antiquity of the
      > | universe (in which Greene is an atheist and Jerry
      > | McDonald is a Christian), then Robert Baty is an
      > | atheist.
      > is because he is laughing his butt off!

      And what is even funnier is that he's willing to
      drive across Kansas in July to debate it!

      I'm telling you, the guy ain't all there.

      Rick Hartzog
      Worldwide Church of Latitudinarianism

      > --- In Maury_and_Baty, Jerry McDonald wrote (post #14594):
      > > It appears that my posting of the dates that I can be in
      > > Ft. Collins, CO did not make it to the Maury and Baty
      > > list. Maybe Robert doesn't want his readers to know that
      > > I have set the date. He came out mocking me yesterday
      > > saying that I said I was going to be there some time this
      > > summer, and while I did say that I also said that it
      > > would be some time in July. Since I have set the dates for
      > > this I see nothing on the baty list to indicate that they
      > > have been set. That's all right Robert, we know that you
      > > are crawled up in a hole shaking in your boots. Come on,
      > > I'll be easy on ya--NOT! Since he has refused to publish
      > > this very public information on his very public list I
      > > guess I'll just have to make another very public video.
      > >
      > > In Christ Jesus
      > > Jerry D. McDonald
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