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  • Jerry McDonald
    ... Debate status report: 02/25/2008; 7:50 p.m MT One proposition is to be discussed. Proposition: If the Bible is God s word (the text) and says anything, and
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      -------Latest debate status report---------

      Debate status report: 02/25/2008; 7:50 p.m MT

      One proposition is to be discussed.


      If the Bible is God's word (the text) and says anything, and that is interpreted by some to mean everything began in six, literal, as we commonly know them 24-hour days occurring less than 10,000 thousand years ago, and there is evidence that some thing is actually much older than 10,000 thousand years, then the interpretation of the text by some is wrong

      Affirm: Robert Baty
      Deny: Jerry D. McDonald

      Stipulated Definitions:

      God's word: a communication from God, in words, that cannot be wrong

      Says: the words themselves, though they may "mean" something other than what they "say".

      Evidence that some thing is actually much older than 10,000 years: some thing is actually much older than 10,000 years and we can so determine with reference to evidence independent of the Word of God.

      Much older: 11,000 years or more.

      Interpreted: held to "mean", possibly in error.

      Accepted: Robert Baty
      Accepted: Jerry McDonald

      Other details/logistics:

      1. Jerry McDonald in cooperation with Marty Trujillo are to arrange for an appropriate venue of their choosing in Fort Collins, CO; at no cost to Robert Baty. The debate will continue for two nights beginning at 7:00 p.m. and ending at 9:00. There will be three 20 minute speeches for each speaker for each night. At 9:00 each evening 20 minutes will be reserved for questions from the audience. Each speaker shall be allowed 5 written questions each night for his opponent.

      2. The debate will be an oral, public debate, for the record.

      3. Each participant agrees to endeavor in good faith to strictly adhere to Hedge's 7 rules of honorable discourse. The affirmative is to make at least one affirmative argument in favor of his proposition. The negative, after he responds to the affirmant’s speech may make negative arguments against the proposition and the affirmant must respond to those arguments.
      (See summary below.)

      4. Robert Baty will ask for no reimbursements.

      5. The debate will begin no sooner than 30 days after Robert Baty has had 30 days to respond to Jerry McDonald's 100,000 word third negative in the written debate.

      6. Other details are to be worked out in good faith as between Jerry McDonald and Robert Baty.

      7. Both Robert Baty and Jerry McDonald have the right to publish this debate in both written, audio and video recording. If it is published in writing, both participants shall involved in the correcting of misspelled, incorrect grammar, etc., before it is published provided that agreement can be reached on the written publication.

      8. Jerry McDonald’s Moderators will be Larry Yarber from Mt. Grove, MO and Marty Trujillo from the Belleview congregation in Ft. Collins. Thomas McDonald will operate the charts for Jerry McDonald. Robert Baty must provide his own moderator(s) and chart person. Thomas McDonald will operate the video camera for the debate for Jerry McDonald’s video possession of the debate.

      Accept: Robert Baty
      Accept: Jerry McDonald

      Summary of Hedge's 7 Rules:

      1. The terms in which the question in debate is expressed and the precise point at issue, should be so clearly defined that there can be no misunderstanding respecting them.

      2. The parties should mutually consider each other as standing on a footing of equality in respect to the subject in debate, each should regard the other as possessing equal talents, knowledge and desire for truth, with himself and that it is possible therefore that he may be in the wrong and his adversary in the right.

      3. All expressions which are unmeaning, or without effect, in regard to the subject in debate, should be strictly avoided. All expressions may be considered unmeaning which contribute nothing to the proof in question, such as desultory remarks, and declamatory expressions, all technical ambiguities and equivocal expressions.

      4. Personal reflections on an adersary should in no instance be indulged in. Whatever his private character, his follies are not to be named, nor allu ded to in controversy. Personal reflections are not only destitute of effect in respect to the question in discussion, but are productive of real evil

      5. No one has a right to accuse his adversary with indirect motives.

      6. The consequences of any doctrine are not to be charged on him who maintai ns it, unless he expressly avows them.

      7. As truth and not victory is the professed object of controversy, whatever proofs may be on either side should be examined with fairness and candor, and any attempt to ensnare an adversary by arts or sophistry, or to lessen the force of his reasoning by wit, cavilling, or ridicule, is a violation of the rules of honorable discourse.

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