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Re: Kiss Him And Bid Him Farewell

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  • w_w_c_l
    ... That hardly answers to the overall conclusion of Jim s message: it is clear from Jerry McDonald s behavior (and it has been clear for some time, now) that
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 24, 2008
      Jerry McDonald wrote:

      > Uh, Jim, you got it wrong. Colorado contacted me,
      > I didn't contact Colorado.

      That hardly answers to the overall conclusion of Jim's
      message: it is clear from Jerry McDonald's behavior
      (and it has been clear for some time, now) that he is
      not interested in arriving at the truth about anything,
      and is intent on doing personal injury rather than
      engaging in honorable debate.


      > I thought Robert was still in Oklahoma at this time.
      > Imagine my surprise when the preacher for the Bellevue
      > church called me up asking me about Robert and then
      > told me that Robert was worshipping there.

      And imagine that preacher's surprise when Jerry McDonald
      started posting his false and misleading claims to the
      CFTF list, giving that preacher as the source of his

      > Jim, get your facts straight before you charge.

      Did Jerry D. McDonald really say this? Did he really,
      actually, truly say this?

      McDonald, you JUST got through of accusing me of felony!!!

      So, yeah, Jim, get your facts straight -- I didn't
      actually publish Jerry's wife's e-mail address; all I did
      was intimate that if Robert couldn't get Jerry to answer
      his messages, I could give him a couple more addresses
      to try -- those of Jerry's wife and son.

      Notice McDonald didn't try to correct you about that.

      Also notice, Jim, that McDonald has yet to "get his facts
      straight" about a number of other charges he has made, and
      continues to make, even though those facts have been
      explicitly, and straightly, pointed out to him.

      McDonald, which "facts" are you relying on to accuse
      Robert and me of being the same person, other than your
      own eagerness to find an "atheist" lurking behind every

      > Also, the only reason those email addresses are public
      > record now is because some teacher, with no more to do
      > with her time than to put those addresses public, made
      > them public thinking how great it would be if all the
      > students and their families. However, before she did
      > that everything was secured by a password.

      Sorry, McDonald, but that tale won't fly. This information
      has been publicly available on the internet since October
      of 2004. The link I gave you has been revised 17 times since
      it was first put up. Cary Crabb is the last "author" to
      update the page. And there is another page on the same site
      with *all* the e-mail addresses, not just the elementary
      staff, and it has been up since 2004, too. The last "author"
      to update it was Kevin Schwartze.

      The information that is on a school's website is not there
      because "some teacher decided" anything. School websites
      just don't work that way.

      Furthermore, you, Jerry McDonald, are hardly in any position
      to be making claims about why this or that school website
      did anything. They aren't consulting with Jerry McDonald
      over their decisions. So you can save your excuses -- they
      aren't believable or even realistic.

      In other words, McDonald, once again you are just making
      stuff up. Or, to put it more plainly, you're lying. Again.

      But the fact that you didn't know your own wife's e-mail
      address, even though YOU had tried to "hack" into the site
      and get it, tells me a lot. It really does.

      > I don't believe that any of the teachers would appreciate
      > having their email addresses posted on this or any other
      > email list.

      I don't believe Nick Capaldi appreciates being called an
      atheist on your website, but there it is. I don't believe
      Robert much appreciates what you have written about him on
      the intro page to the second Baty-McDonald debate, but there
      it is. I know I don't appreciate your slanderous remarks
      about me.

      The thing that I really find galling is the way you put out
      these false claims and then leave them, even though they have
      been proved false.

      Really, Jerry, it's getting to the point where you've buried
      yourself under so much falsehood and obfuscation that there
      is no good reason for anyone to believe you about *anything*,
      even if you should slip up and say something truthful once
      in a while.

      Sooner or later, people are going to have to start asking
      themselves just who it is that is the real "atheist", here.
      Who are you, really, Jerry McDonald?

      Rick Hartzog
      Worldwide Church of Latitudinarianism

      P.S. Jim, your advice is certainly worthy of serious
      consideration. It may be a little difficult to effect
      immediately, but it sounds to me like a desirable goal
      that should be seized upon at the first opportunity
      that withdrawal cannot be misconstrued as retreat.

      > "James A. Wyly" <jpwyly@...> wrote:
      > Hello Rick, Todd, and Robert,
      > Rick obtained and published the work email of Jerry
      > McDonald's wife. Jerry McDonald assumed that Rick had
      > somehow "hacked" into her work computer system. He was
      > going to go to his wife's supervisor on Monday and was
      > suggesting criminal consequences for Rick, using words
      > like "government program," "in a pretty good mess,"
      > "prison," and "felony."
      > Well, unhappily for McDonald's righteous indignation,
      > it turned out his wife's email address was public
      > information. Unknown to McDonald and apparently his wife,
      > the Maries School District, Vienna, Missouri, where she
      > teaches publishes all the email addresses of its staff
      > on its website.
      > Still smoking out of both ears, McDonald grudgingly allows
      > that Rick "got out of that one" and demands that Rick not
      > to "contact her for any reason."
      > Jerry McDonald is the same man who, enraged at Robert Baty,
      > apparently contacted the Colorado church where Baty attends
      > while Baty was in Florida last fall caring for his sick
      > father. Baty, McDonald assured readers, was going to get it
      > from his church for apostasy when he returned to Colorado.
      > Criminal sanctions? Ex-communication? Why are you guys
      > messing with this bird. Wish him a happy life, a contented
      > marriage, and much success in his religious endeavors. Then
      > have nothing more to do with him. He is not trying to merely
      > to engage in a spirited religious discussion but to injure you.
      > Jim Wyly
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