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Re: On the debate, moderation, & C.D. Healy!

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  • Todd S. Greene
    ... Robert, actually I believe we are in substantial agreement, the only difference between that Jerry s is also coordinating with his moderator to possibly
    Message 1 of 41 , Nov 1, 2007
      --- In Maury_and_Baty, Robert Baty wrote (post #13126):
      > While I cannot presently make a committment to perform
      > moderation duties for Todd, the fact remains that you
      > and Todd have not indicated any agreement on the duties
      > of the moderators.

      Robert, actually I believe we are in substantial agreement, the only
      difference between that Jerry's is also coordinating with his
      moderator to possibly fill in as debater on the off-chance he
      wouldn't be able to do it. Initially I had expected a single
      moderator, more-or-less neutral, who would perform standard debate
      moderator duties, and never as an alternate debater. As I told Jerry,
      I'm fairly "easy" about arrangements, so if he wants two moderators,
      that's okay with me. However, the duties of my moderator will not
      include being an alternate debater.

      > FWIW, I think that historically it is quite unusual to have
      > moderators who are obligated to become a disputant should the
      > original disputant become unable to meet his responsibilities.

      I agree.

      > At such time as there is a published agreement regarding the
      > moderator's duties, I will be in a better position to
      > seriously consider accepting the offer.

      I don't think Jerry has disagreed with anything I stated about
      moderator duties. Again, the only difference is that he is working
      with his "guy" with the possibility that he would fill in for Jerry
      in the debating itself.

      - Todd Greene
    • Jerry McDonald
      I wasn t sure what the finals dates were. I would definately agree that the last of April and first of May would be best. I wasn t sure what videos you were
      Message 41 of 41 , Nov 3, 2007
        I wasn't sure what the finals dates were. I would definately agree that the last of April and first of May would be best. I wasn't sure what videos you were talking about, but now I understand. I have known Larry for over 20 years and he and I have been friends all these years. I have a lot of confidence in him and his ability.

        "Todd S. Greene" <greeneto@...> wrote:
        Hi Jerry,

        There are a number of videos featuring Larry Yarber at the OABS
        website. The one in particular that I happened to take a brief look
        at is this one:


        I just looked up the University of Missouri schedule and found that
        their Finals week is May 12-16. Because of that timing (when I was a
        college student I always used the week before finals to "brush up"
        for finals), and because of my thinking about ending on a Saturday
        evening, I was thinking about April 30 thru May 3. Again, just a
        suggestion. I'm easy.

        And I see I messed up my sentence with an omission. My phrase "why
        young earth creationism is utter nonsense in terms of..." was
        supposed to have the word "science" at the end of it. (I added it
        below too.)

        - Todd

        --- In Maury_and_Baty, Jerry McDonald wrote (post #13175):
        > What video are you talking about? And what dates would you
        > suggest. I figure the second week.
        > jdm
        > --- Todd Greene wrote:
        >> I appreciate your comments, Jerry. I think early on I
        >> mentioned that I intend to have some fun, teaching some
        >> science to people who may otherwise never have it taught to
        >> them, and trying to make it interesting for them. And the
        >> backdrop to that is that I'll be showing them why young
        >> earth creationism is utter nonsense in terms of science.
        >> Additionally, the more I get to know you, the more I'm also
        >> beginning to expect to be pointing out numerous logical
        >> fallacies used in young earth creationist rhetoric.
        >> Incidentally, Larry Yarber seems like a nice enough guy on
        >> that video. His argumentation is all circular, as so much
        >> preaching is, but he did seem like a nice guy. But as far as
        >> I can tell there is zero material on the internet by Larry
        >> on either young earth creationism in general or on any
        >> relevant science topics in particular.
        >> By the way, we need to keep in mind that, I believe, finals
        >> week is in May. So we should try to schedule this before
        >> finals weeks (maybe at least a week before), or after finals
        >> week. Otherwise, the potential for getting any college
        >> students to attend drops dramatically.
        >> - Todd Greene
        >> --- In Maury_and_Baty, Jerry McDonald wrote:
        >>> You know, Robert, I do want this debate to be public. I will
        >>> advertise in Belle, Bland, Owensville, Rolla, Jefferson City
        >>> and Columbia since there are several colleges there, but I
        >>> cannot guarantee how many will show up. Being as I am not
        >>> real well known or very popular (by those who do know me) in
        >>> the church, don't expect a big turn out from the church
        >>> except for maybe in my immediate area. I don't expect David
        >>> Brown to come up from Spring, Texas or Tom Bright to drive
        >>> out from Tennessee. Farrell Till calls me a "lesser light,"
        >>> and basically that is what I am. I have never tried to
        >>> become well-known. I have spoken only on one major
        >>> brotherhood lectureship (the Gulf Coast Lectures in 1998)
        >>> and several smaller lectures over the last 27 years. But I
        >>> do want it to be public, not for the same reason you do,
        >>> but I do want it to be public. I am not in it for recognition,
        >>> and I am not in it to convert you or Todd. I am in it to
        >>> combat error.

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