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Arguments About Classes!

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    Arguments About Classes is chapter 9 in one of my expert s book. It might have something to say about James problem. I do hope our mathewmaury has him
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2003
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      "Arguments About Classes" is chapter 9 in one of my expert's book. It
      might have something to say about James' problem. I do hope our
      "mathewmaury" has him off working on that; his problem.

      Anyway, consider a few things he has to say about that and "categorical
      propositions". I think maybe the "GRAS" may qualify as one of those, at
      least in part.

      There are several kinds.

      One is a "universal affirmative". Like, "all lions are mammals".

      Another is the "particular affirmative". Like, "some college students
      are wealthy".

      See the difference.

      Now, tell me if you can.

      Wasn't one of James' problems in effectively confusing the "GRAS"'s
      particular affirmative with his misrepresentation of it as a "universal

      I think that might be the case.

      Chapter 9 also goes on and gets into Venn Diagrams and such things to
      help identify the classes being discussed.

      The class envisioned by the "GRAS" is certainly precise enough to be
      identified, and I think Todd is going to be helping out with that in his
      discussion with Michael.

      I think James has already admitted the truth of the particular
      affirmative given in the "GRAS", so it would seem he is either going to
      have to take that back or join us.

      He can then move on to the real issue in "GRAS", should he accept that
      assignment. That's the empirical evidence issue.

      I just hope he doesn't continue to confuse the issue(s).

      Robert Baty
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