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Re: Brad Bromling's dissertation

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  • w_w_c_l
    ... I just imagine there are some who would like to know the answer to that! So shhh... We managed to get one of our operatives in there. Security s
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 4, 2007
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      --- In Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com,
      "Robert Baty" <rlbaty@...> wrote:
      > Rick,
      > Are you "just imagining" what is going on with
      > The Way Forward list, or do you have some special
      > insider information?

      I "just imagine" there are "some" who would like to
      know the answer to that! So shhh...

      We managed to get one of our operatives in there.
      Security's pretty tight, so we're under communication
      blackout, radio silence, so we might not hear anything
      for a few days. And who knows -- by then Dub McClish
      may have the whole thing up on a website, or we can just
      check the supposedly dismantled sons-of-demas site!

      > I noticed where Brad said there was a stumbling block
      > of sorts regarding his dissertation. Perhaps you are
      > right about what that was all about. That first chapter,
      > interestingly enough, also mentions a "creation-evolution"
      > seminar that Bob asked his friend to attend.

      Well, of course "Bob's" denominational friend "Larry"
      needs to be a young-earther, too, or Bob couldn't go
      hang out with him. But you see what a devastating
      effect just a seemingly innocuous thing like a cookout
      with the wrong crowd can lead to!

      > I had earlier noted the link to it, and thought you might
      > find it and think it interesting, but I didn't actually
      > read any of it myself until you commented on it.
      > It sounds so very familiar!

      I think someone may have made some similar comments
      a while back on the coCBanned list -- about how the
      Church of Christ is known more for the format of the
      worship service than anything else; i.e. what defines
      a member of the Church of Christ basically comes down
      to what he/she does for a couple of hours on Sundays.

      Bromling did mention a propensity to engage in debate --
      I wonder whatever happened to all that?

      Maybe that's what they're up to on the Way Forward list!

      Rick Hartzog
      Worldwide Church of Latitudinarianism
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