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Re: News item - Biologist Jerry Coyne gets word out on evolution

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  • Robert Baty
    ... And that goes a long way in explaining why they refused to come out and let us reason together regarding the Goliath o GRAS family of arguments as to
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2007
      The article stated, in part:

      > "Features that strike us
      > as odd in a design might
      > have been placed there
      > by the designer for...or
      > they might not."

      >> says Michael Behe

      > But as Coyne points out,
      > this amounts to declaring
      > intellectual bankruptcy:
      > if no imaginable evidence
      > would contradict..., it's not
      > a scientific theory at all.

      As I've been saying, that pretty much matches up to David P. Brown's, his boys, and Dr. Fox's position briefly summarized as follows:

      > We, Dr. Fox, David P. Brown
      > and the boys, have our
      > interpretation of the text
      > regarding the real world
      > and that trumps any real
      > world evidence to the
      > contrary.

      >> Affirmed: Dr. Fox
      >> Affirmed: David P. Brown
      >> Affirmed: "The boys"

      And that goes a long way in explaining why they refused to "come out" and "let us reason together" regarding the "Goliath o GRAS" family of arguments as to young-earth, creation-science and the existence of the young-earth, creation-science God.

      Young-earth, creation-science has simply lost the battles and the war regarding its scientific legitimacy and cannot rightfully claim to be anything other than a theological position based on the interpretation of a religious text by "some".

      Robert Baty

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