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Re: Is a wannabe "David" trying to appear on Coe's debate list?

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  • w_w_c_l
    ... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ReligiousDebatesChurchOfChrist/messages ... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ReligiousDebatesChurchOfChrist/ ... I think you may
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 24, 2007
      --- In Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com,
      "Robert Baty" <rlbaty@...> wrote:
      > And this Rick:
      > If you go to the message page:
      > or to the home page at:
      > You will find on the home page that there have been
      > 31 messages for the list; 27 last month and 4 this
      > month. That does equal 31, doesn't it.
      > The messages page also indicates that there are 31
      > messages, but numbers 29 and 31 are not in the archives.

      I think you may be on to something there, Robert.

      > I guess my original post today was posted and deleted
      > before I noticed it in the archives. I then sent my
      > test message and a second posting of my "Goliath".
      > I caught the second "Goliath" in the archives before it
      > was deleted. The test message remains, for now, as
      > post #30.

      As mute testimony that something is, indeed, amiss!

      > Well, we know how it is with closed groups.

      Just for the record, I tried again and I'm still banned.
      They would have had to do that manually, rather than
      just the click of a mouse button. I feel special!

      > Me and my "Goliath of GRAS" still win!
      > The cowards die yet another death!

      This is starting to remind me of the collapse of
      the Soviet Union. At first it was just "Shingles
      Blowing Off the House of Cards"; now the entire
      edifice has crumbled and there's nothing left but
      an empty hull and a bombed-out basement.

      It's hard to miss the tone of desperation in the most
      recent posts of Denham, DeLong, and Francis on the
      CFTF list.

      > My "Goliath of GRAS", still the one to beat!

      I was hoping, if you were banned, somebody would
      actually "come out" and start trying to taunt
      "Goliath"! It would be interesting if they took
      "him" underground for a while and tried to give him
      a good working over!

      Go ahead, guys! Form a committee! Let's see what
      you can come up with!

      > I wonder what other games Daniel Coe or his surrogate
      > has in store.
      > Sincerely,
      > Robert Baty

      It's hard to imagine. Nearly every day they do something
      that I think must be the ultimate display of childishness
      or hypocrisy, and then they surpass themselves!

      Rick Hartzog
      Worldwide Church of Latitudinarianism
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