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Re: Donald Canny, are you listening!

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  • w_w_c_l
    ... ... I used the idea of cat morality to show that the young-earth creationist Daniel Denham, who is supposedly a preacher, doesn t even know
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2007
      --- In Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com,
      "Robert Baty" <rlbaty@...> wrote (in parts):
      > Daniel Denham did it again!
      > He wouldn't "come out" and "let us reason TOGETHER",
      > and he wouldn't shut up with his cowardly lies about
      > me that he spews forth...
      > Here's Daniel Denham's latest cowardly false report
      > about me:
      > --------------------------
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ContendingFTF/message/7356
      > ContendingFTF
      > Message #7356
      > From: Daniel Denham
      > To: ContendingFTF list
      > Date: July 1, 2007
      > (excerpts)
      > Robert Baty (is) no better off.
      > Baty believe that he is the intellectual equal
      > or superior to Matthew Fontaine Maury, and pretends
      > to carry on conversations with the great scientist.
      > Daniel Denham
      > --------------------------
      > --------------------------
      > (Robert's) further comments:
      > It is quite disappointing to consider that a man
      > with free-will to do good or to do evil will
      > actually stoop to the level of evil exhibited in
      > the above message...

      In the same message, Denham wrote:

      > Then there's Rick who has trumpeted loudly the values
      > and virtues of "cat morality" and who has intimated
      > that some people are more human than others.

      I used the idea of "cat morality" to show that the
      young-earth creationist Daniel Denham, who is supposedly
      a preacher, doesn't even know himself what the Bible
      plainly says right there in the Creation account about
      the traits that were given to Man as God created him
      and the traits that Man "acquired" when he disobeyed God.

      Daniel Denham, in that discussion, displayed a complete
      ignorance of the meaning of Scripture and a total lack
      of respect for God's Creation itself -- nay, more than
      simple lack of respect but actual contempt for this
      marvelous work that the Lord has made.

      I pointed out that young-earthers are notoriously
      ignorant when it comes to human ecology and the way
      God's Creation works and our intended role within it.
      And how could they *not* be ignorant of these things?
      Their very dogma dictates an absolute denial of everything
      we have learned about the way the environment and its
      ecosystems function. In their fantasy-world, the entire
      time-span of Man-on-Earth and even of the Universe
      itself doesn't even reach back, in the real world, to
      the end of the last ice age -- the end of the Pleistocene --
      some 10 - 12 thousand years ago!

      Daniel Denham, when confronted with the *actual*
      "implications" of his own argument, rather than the
      made-up implications from his misrepresentation of my
      argument, refused to answer questions and RAN AWAY
      from the discussion! So his criticism of "cat morality"
      is without merit; indeed, the most sadistic, meanest,
      murderin'est, sneakin'est road-ditch tomcat is more
      faithful to its God-given "morality" than Daniel Denham

      As to the second part of Denham's statement, that I have
      "intimated" that "some humans are more human than others",
      well, that's just one more flat-out lie by the free-willing
      Daniel Denham, and he knows he is lying when he says it.

      Here is the message that shows Daniel Denham would have
      been better served to just keep his mouth shut about me
      and my "cat morality" and my "intimations" of what makes
      a human a "human":


      Rick Hartzog
      Worldwide Church of Latitudinarianism

      P.S. You can look through the messages in the thread
      of which the above link is a concluding part and read
      about all sorts of problems Daniel Denham has with
      "morality" and "humanity", and his personal contempt for
      God's Creation. Some of the messages are pretty long,
      much of what is written is repetitive (Daniel Denham has
      a bad habit or misrepresenting what you say, even if you
      tell him a dozen times that isn't what you are saying) but,
      overall, these messages will show that Daniel Denham is
      not only dishonest and irrational, but blindingly wrong
      about the "nature" of "human" existence and is freely
      willing to attempt any underhanded rhetorical trickery
      to prove it. He just wasn't quite as slick as he
      thought he was.

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