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8447Re: [M & B] Re: The talk in Nashville today!

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  • cassondrawrites@aol.com
    Dec 13, 2006
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      "How can Christians and non-Christians get along?"

      What a funny question. It's true enough that churches don't spend nearly
      enough time and heart teaching what Jesus taught, or being willing to live
      humbly, to extend hospitality to strangers, to care for those lonely and in need,
      to serve rather than be served.

      However, Ray Waddle is still missing the point. Neither for Christ nor for
      his followers is the purpose of life peace on this earth. Christ himself
      stated that he came not to bring peace but a sword, to set father against son
      and mother against daughter. If he was willing that his words should set
      families against one another, it can hardly be stated that it is contrary to his
      teachings that believers and non-believers should be at variance.

      Peace as an end in itself is a platitude, not a principle. Shocking as the
      statement may sound in these modern and enlightened times, strife, violence,
      enmity, even war, are the result of evil, not the evil itself. Where evil
      does not produce strife, peace and mercy do not reign. A society so saturated
      and numbed by its own rottenness that it has lost the willingness to stand
      against it is not a peaceful society; it is merely an apathetic one.


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