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8050Re: Young earth creationism, the Moon, arithmetic, and spaghetti

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  • Todd S. Greene
    Sep 3, 2006
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      --- In Maury_and_Baty, "mathewmaury" wrote (post #8045):
      > Indeed, the mathematical
      > manipulations seem much too great for Todd's third grade level
      > and even approach my own capacity for comfortable holistic
      > comprehension.

      Of course, I was referring to the less-than-third grade level portrayal
      of the topic that was given in the AiG article (which is actually
      pretty typical for young earth creationist articles, because young
      earth creationist just arbitrarily ignore the actual science involved
      with most of the science subjects they love to preach about).

      Also, I usually don't toot my own horn (basically because I have little
      interest in doing so, and it's irrelevant anyway), but while I'm
      currently a professional computer programmer, a field I've worked in
      for twenty years, back in the day I always got "A"s in my calculus

      While we enjoy our rhetorical barbs, let us not forget that the real
      issue here, of course, is that the young earth creationist argument on
      moon recession is bogus. The real problem is not that some young earth
      creationists have made a calculation mistake using some equation. The
      real problem is that the equation they're using is incorrect, BECAUSE

      Young earth creationists at AiG like Jason Lisle (and Danny Faulkner)
      completely ignore the science on this over the past 40 years, and then
      INTENTIONALLY give people a FALSE PORTRAYAL of the issue by purposely
      omitting even any mention of the science that has been done. (The false
      portrayal was the real point of my initial post on the issue.) This is
      a standard creationist tactic, which they use, purposely, to deceive
      their audience about the science.

      - Todd Greene

      Greene's Creationism Truth Filter
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