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7827Open invitation to Tim Smith!

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  • Robert Baty
    Apr 12, 2006
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      Dear Tim Smith,

      Your latest message to me follows my name below.

      This is now the third time, if my memory serves me correctly, that you have written to me privately about these important public issues that you raised in a public forum.

      If you wish to seriously address these matters, I would request that you address your messages to my own list at:

      > Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com

      You should specifically address your allegations regarding the nature of Apologetics Press, Inc. wherein you claimed that Apologetics Press, Inc. is a private, for profit business operated by Bert Thompson.

      I gave you at least 3 on-line, easily checked references indicating your claims were incorrect.

      You, Tim Smith, have failed to support your claims or admit to any error.

      I would like to have you resolve that matter. However, if you choose to simply shut up about it, that's fine; we'll consider the record as it stands.

      I would also note here that you are continuing your false and misleading charge regarding your allegations about what you call my agreement. Personally, I would also like to have you publicly deal with that matter which you seem determined to make false allegations regarding.

      Tim, I am certainly not harassing, defaming or demeaning you. You are the one writing to me and continuing your false and misleading claims while refusing to deal with your own problems regarding those rather simple matters referenced above.

      Tim, the issues regarding your allegations are subject to rather easy resolution.

      The invitation is open for you to deal with your public allegations in a public and honorable way.

      Just join the discussion by sending any future replies to:

      > Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com

      If you are half the man Bobby Cohoon made you out to be, we should be able to resolve these rather simple matters quickly.

      If you are not, well......

      Robert Baty


      From: Tim Smith
      Subject: Cease and Desist

      Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:28:14 -0700

      Mr Baty,

      I have never threatened you nor harassed you nor met you nor had
      any desire to do any of those things. I merely pointed out to you
      that, as you broke your agreement with me to end a discussion only you
      wanted in the first place so you broke your agreement with Yahoo! in
      the terms of service.

      You were banned on the group where you started this for reasons
      other than your attacks on me. I had nothing to do with that,
      although I think it was an exceedingly wise move.

      I ask you again -- cease and desist harassing me. I have no
      desire to discuss with a false teacher some point which, even if
      resolved amicably, would still not save his soul. What you are doing
      is, by any standard, wrong.

      I am aware of your former antics and have no desire to fuss with
      you forever. I have never appealed to you for pity or anything else,
      I just want you to stop harassing me. If it was pointed out to you
      that I am ill, you got that from the list you were banned from after
      you were banned. I just have no use for a conversation with a man who
      only defames, ridicules and harasses. Please stop it.

      Tim Smith

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