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  • Todd S. Greene
    Mar 1, 2005
      Hi, everyone.

      The smell of the freshly dead skunk my dad and I hit while driving
      in the night a few days ago does not even come close to comparing to
      the rank smell of hypocrisy of people like Bert Thompson. When the
      National Geographic screwed up in prematurely promoting the one
      particular feathered dinosaur fossil that turned out to be a hoax,
      the magazine *immediately* came clean on the matter. Creationists
      are so dirty rotten that they cannot bring themselves to come clean
      even many decades after their obstinate promote of false
      information, and then when they *finally* stop promoting the false
      information the vast majority of them never actually get around to
      admitting that they screwed up, but just very quietly stop using the
      false information. Bert Thompson himself is *notorious* for
      operating in this purposely deceitful manner, so his sheer audacity
      for trying to turn National Geographic's *honest mistake* into some
      kind of "evolutionist conspiracy" is all the more glaring. Moon
      dust, anyone?

      Bert Thompson doesn't just have a log in his eye, he has a whole
      forest in it, which makes it all the more amazing for him to be
      making a big deal about the speck of dust of the mistaken promotion
      of the feathered dinosaur hoax (which was *immediately* corrected).
      (And notice how Thompson et al *never* mention one word about the
      *several* legitimate specimens of feathered dinosaur fossils. Is
      that deceitful, or what?)

      What happens to dishonest scientists in the scientific community,
      when they are discovered? They lose their careers. What happens to
      dishonest creationists in the creationist community? They are
      *praised* for their "bolding" in "standing up against the atheistic
      conspiracy." This demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the
      creationist community, beyond just showing that they simply can't
      handle reality.

      Todd Greene
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