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31177Re: Did Sye take his FaceBook page "underground"???

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  • rlbaty50
    Mar 6, 2013



      From: Robert Baty
      Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
      Time: About 5:25 PM MT

      Here's another angle on Eric's and Sye's problem, and the
      problem they have created for their misguided supporters
      regarding that "proof of God" claim I have been addressing.

      I've seen Sye here and there trying to make a big deal of
      how it is that logic is in the very nature of God and is
      "immaterial, unchanging and universal"; or something like

      The "if..., then..." logical formulation is commonly found
      in the Bible, quite approvingly, and here it is that little
      ol' me has presented Eric and Sye and their misguided
      followers with a simple "if..., then..." logical formulation
      that presents Sye's and Eric's "proof of God" argument and I
      can NOT get Sye or Eric or their misguided followers to even acknowledge that it is so constructed that if the premises
      are true its conclusion will follow as true therefrom.


      Major Premise:

      - IF you can prove something,
      - THEN God exists.

      Minor Premise:

      - You can prove something.

      Eric's Conclusion:

      - Therefore, God exists.

      Question #1:

      Do you think the argument is so
      constructed that if the premises
      are true the conclusion will
      follow as true therefrom?

      - Sye Ten Bruggencate - ???
      - Eric Hovind - ???
      - To be named - ???
      - Robert Baty - Yes

      If there be any who can "give an answer", we can then consider a possible discussion and consider moving on to the #2 and #3 questions.

      Or run...and cover for Eric and Sye!

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