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31170Re: Did Sye take his FaceBook page "underground"???

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  • rlbaty50
    Mar 6, 2013



      From: Sean Boatman
      Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
      Time: About 10:30 AM MT

      Clearly, you don't understand the term

      Of course, maybe you do and it's why you refuse to
      justify how any of the things necessary to have an
      intelligent discussion are accounted for according
      to your worldview.

      Carry on Robert.

      Better men than I have tried to get you to back up
      your implied claims with no success.

      Like most atheists I encounter, lots of claims and

      Zero ability to justify any of them......


      From: Robert Baty
      Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
      Time: About 11:45 AM MT


      I think your problem is that I do understand the
      "presuppositional" problem as evidenced by your antics
      and the "proof of God" claim popularized by the likes
      of Eric Hovind and Sye Ten Bruggencate.

      Eric, Sye and even you and yours and I can have an
      intelligent conversation regarding your problems with
      that "proof of God" claim, but you and they apparently
      aren't up to the exercise in critical thinking with
      emphasis on the "proof of God" claim of Eric Hovind and
      Sye Ten Bruggencate.

      As I opined earlier, I think the reason for that is
      because you "know" that I am right and you "know" that
      Sye's and Eric's "proof of God" claim is NO "proof".

      I've tested y'all and your argument and have found
      you wanting!

      Little ol' me!

      What a hoot!

      What's to back up regarding my claims with reference
      to Sye's and Eric's argument.

      Sye, Eric and I are all in agreement; Eric and Sye,
      and their followers, simply won't come out, come clean
      and admit to it.


      The argument I set forth as representing
      Eric's and Sye's "proof of God" is so
      constructed that if its premises are true
      then its conclusion will follow as true


      Eric, Sye, and I all agree that the minor
      premise is true.


      Eric, Sye, and I all agree that the
      conclusion is true.


      Eric, Sye, and I all agree that Eric and
      Sye think the major premise is true but
      Eric and Sye cannot show that the major
      premise is true.


      Eric and Sye falsely claim that the
      "proof of God" is that "without Him
      you couldn't prove anything".

      So, Eric's and Sye's alleged "proof of God" is NO
      "proof of God"!

      I "know" that!
      Sye "knows" that!
      Eric "knows" that!

      If that is not the case, someone who thinks they possess
      a little moral influence needs to go to work on the
      fugitives Eric Hovind and Sye Bruggencate and get them
      the come out, come clean and carry on an intelligent
      conversation with me regarding their problems.

      I think I have represented their position on the "proof
      of God" accurately and have no interest in misrepresenting

      Evasions provided by their lesser, like-minded followers
      such as I have encounted is cute cover for them, but no
      substitute for the direct testimony and admissions of Eric
      and Sye.

      Maybe Eric and Sye will repent and bring forth their works
      meet for repentance.

      Maybe not!

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