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31168Re: Did Sye take his FaceBook page "underground"???

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  • rlbaty50
    Mar 6, 2013



      From: Robert Baty
      Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
      Time: About 9:55 AM MT

      I don't think there can be any reasonable doubt about
      Eric and Sye affirming the truth of the minor premise
      and conclusion in the argument I have presented as
      representing their "proof of God" claim.

      One of the things I am waiting for is for them to
      explicitly affirm or deny that they believe the major
      premise to be either true or false.

      I can take it either way they want to go with that.

      What sayeth Eric and Sye?

      What sayeth their fellow "Presuppositionalists"?

      Can they be open and honest enough to "give an answer"
      on these simple, quite uncontroversial matters?

      Not yet, but I am long-suffering and waiting!

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