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30987Kent Hovind - Prisoner of War! Today's Other Note!

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  • rlbaty50
    Feb 14, 2013
      (Kent Hovind, ever the "control freak"!)


      (Note how Kent Hovind signed the following post!)

      From: Kent Hovind
      Date Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2013


      Dear Mattie,

      The Bible has a lot to say about helping and
      encouraging those in prison.

      I thought I would answer your letter publicly
      to possibly help others in your same situation.

      It is totally unfair to have a contest like this
      where it is teacher vs. student!

      Sounds like a bully to me. (and most others!)

      I'll take the challenge for you.

      He can't fail me,
      doesn't pay me,
      can't fool me and
      sure doesn't scare me.

      Tell him we will post all the emails from both sides
      on www.2peter3.com for the world to see and judge
      who "wins."

      Here are the simple rules:


      The whole class watches my video #4 in class without
      interruption. (I think it is 2.5 hours so it would
      take about 3- 45 min. sessions. All students will
      be given copies of all our emails throughout the
      discussion. They will also be posted on www.2peter3.com
      without comments or edits by us. It may be that the
      ones who host the site can make a comment section.


      After everyone understands the 6 different meanings
      of the slippery word "evolution" we will all agree
      that the so-called "micro-evolution" or variations
      within the same "kind" do take place and are well


      My position is that these minor variations are always
      limited and have never been seen to produce a new kind
      of plant or animal. If he knows of any I would like
      to see them.


      The teacher (or the class if he likes) can pick one
      topic at a time to discuss via, email. I would like
      to have him start with his BEST evidence he has for
      evolution above the mis-named "micro-evolution" level.
      We will discuss that one until one of us admits we
      are wrong or have nothing else to say about it.


      Then he will send the next best "evidence." and so
      forth until we have discussed every piece of evidence
      that he wants to on this topic.


      When he runs out of evidence to present he will agree
      to forever stop using any "evidences" that I have proven


      Once he has exhausted his "evidences" for evolution
      above the micro-level he can THEN attack my position
      if he likes. Here it is:


      I believe the scientific evidence shows that the earth
      is only a few thousand years old and everything was
      created fully functioning in 6 literal 24 hr days exactly
      as described in the King James Bible in Genesis chapter 1.


      I believe the earth's surface and all life outside the
      ark was destroyed 1656 years later by a global flood
      lasting many months exactly as described in Genesis 6-8.
      All life forms today descended from the animals and people
      preserved on that ark.


      I believe dinosaurs have always lived with man but were
      called dragons in most cultures since the word dinosaur
      was invented in 1840's.


      I further believe that the evolution theory currently
      taught in schools is the dumbest and most dangerous
      religion in the history of mankind. There is not a
      single shred of real science to support it. It certainly
      should not be taught in tax supported schools!


      Once he is done defending his belief and attacking mine
      (if he so chooses) we will ask anyone following the email
      debate to vote on who "won" and post the results.


      No profanity, name calling, ridicule, etc will be allowed.
      Just facts from science. If either side wants to venture
      an opinion or theory it shall be made clear that this is
      an opinion not currently provable scientifically.

      Please let me know what response you get from him.

      Lora will have to be the "middle man" (well, woman) to
      keep everyone in the loop.

      Thanks again for your letter Mattie.
      This will be FUN!

      Kent Hovind
      POW # 06452-017
      FPC Box 9000
      Berlin, NH 03570