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28488Re: Allen Leigh v. Robert Baty on Mormonism - The Polls!

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  • rlbaty50
    Sep 4, 2012
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      From: Robert Baty
      Date: September 4, 2012

      I notice that the Mormon PR website and activists have targeted this article for attention by its volunteers, some of whom, in spirit, may have already made their appearances here.

      Here's the link to the call to arms as to this article by the Mormon Voices organization:


      The invitation remains outstanding for Mormons to "give an answer" to some simple, factual claims regarding what it is that makes Mormons Mormons.

      See the messages at the following links for the invitation to you as well as Allen Leigh who has already showed up here:





      From: Robert Baty
      Date: September 4, 2012

      It's not uncommon with all sorts of organizations, and so it is with the Mormons; they have people that go about the Internet trying to put the smiley face on Mormonism.

      Whether direct volunteers or only in spirit, consider the call to arms by Mormon Voices as expressed on their website as you observe Mormon antics on the Internet message boards:


      > Welcome to MormonVoices.
      > Our volunteers respond to public
      > discussions and comments from
      > public figures that misrepresent
      > The Church of Jesus Christ of
      > Latter-day Saints.
      > We encourage and direct
      > Mormons to get involved
      > in online discussions and thereby
      > help shape the public understanding
      > and perceptions of the Church.
      > Please join your voice with ours,
      > and become a member of MormonVoices.

      And, typically, they don't really like to get involved in two-way discussions of such fundamental matters as what it is that makes Mormon Mormons; as my Mormon Poll exercise has helped to illustrate.

      They have other goals and are generally very good, in my opinion, in staying their course and evading more open, honest considerations of certain fundamental matters.

      As Allen Leigh illustrates so often in his writings; they are "sent" to "tell/teach" and not to "hear/learn".

      One of their own, Sergio Roa Prado, recently put it this way:

      > From: Sergio Roa Prado (LDS Apologist)
      > Time/Date: 6:45 PM on February 10, 2012
      > My authority came from God who
      > gave authority to Jesus,
      > to Peter,
      > to Joseph Smith,
      > and finally to me.
      > This is called authority line.

      and this:

      > From: Sergio Roa Prado (LDS Apologist)
      > Time/Date: 10:01 AM on February 17, 2012
      > I win.
      > I have authority.
      > I have authority line, and
      > you have not.

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