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27028Re: MGT2 v. Robert Baty on The Christian Post!

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  • rlbaty50
    May 1, 2012


      From: MGT2
      Time/Date: 2:31 PM EDT on May 01, 2012

      To 107Objector -

      > "I am quite familiar with spooks like
      > you and others here who like to snipe
      > away anonymously as if we should pay
      > you some attention."

      Do me a favor if you will, don't pay me any attention.

      You've given me more than I deserve already.

      I'll just suggest that if you want a venue for
      your sideshow, ask CP to allow you to be a guest

      That way you will not have to clog up others with
      your self-promoting, distracting games.


      From: 107Objector (aka Robert Baty)
      Time/Date: 3:01 PM EDT on May 01, 2012

      To MGT2 -

      I am not giving you any more attention than you
      have sought, earned and deserve.

      Maybe you need to go back to your first post
      targeted at me, repent and bring forth your
      works meet for repentance regarding those cheap
      shots; especially when you have given indication
      that you wish to "cut and run" instead of dealing
      with your problems and as they relate to your
      ability to demonstrate the extent to which you
      are able to reason according to the principles
      of sound, biblical common-sense.

      My "Goliath of GRAS" exercise awaits you or your
      surrogate (find one if you can, MGT2) and step 1
      is quite uncontroversial and fundamental.

      > Is the "Goliath of GRAS" argument
      > so constructed that if its premises
      > are true its conclusion will follow
      > as true therefrom (e.g., is it
      > logically valid)?

      I say "yes"!

      What sayeth MGT2 and/or his surrogate(s)?

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