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27027Re: MGT2 v. Robert Baty on The Christian Post!

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  • rlbaty50
    May 1, 2012


      From: 107Objector (aka Robert Baty)
      Time/Date: 12:54 PM EDT on May 01, 2012


      Mike Keas wrote:

      > In our routine experience of the
      > world we only observe intelligent
      > agents producing such complex
      > functional information.


      > Simply dismissing the ID argument
      > as irrational and non-science without
      > engaging the merits of the argument
      > is only characteristic of "philosophers"
      > of cyberspace.


      The anonymous MGT2 wrote:

      > Without a doubt, an inference to
      > the best explanation for the evidence
      > of the ribosome study is intelligent
      > design.


      > The challenge for detractors is
      > to prove otherwise.


      107Objector (aka Robert Baty) wrote:

      > It sounds to me like they are simply
      > complicating the watchmaker analogy.


      > It's theology, not science; which helps
      > explain why they are having problems
      > gaining traction in the scientific
      > community.


      > What you (MGT2) want to describe as an
      > inference others have to prove not so is
      > simply a disguised effort to modernize the
      > watchmaker analogy.

      My Additional Comments:

      I am not dismissing ID as "irrational". I simply
      recognize it as a "new and improved" edition of
      the "watchmaker" analogy.

      > Every house is built by someone.
      > The world is like a house.
      > God built the world.

      > God said it.
      > I believe it.
      > That settles it.

      If that's not the ID "argument" implied by Mike
      Keas, then maybe someone will enlighten me as to
      what the ID "argument" is.

      You don't need to fuss over ribosomes to come up
      with that analogy. I doubt anybody here is really
      qualified to fuss over ribosomes.

      MGT2 certainly isn't!

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