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  • J427750108
    Dec 18 9:30 PM
      (Moderator's Note: Certain comments not relevant to the issue have been deleted from the attached message; the subject line has also been chagned for relevance. The poster failed to comprehend the import of my note about Terry's moderation. Terry has been quite the moderator on his various lists; including the moderation of the poster below. Goldsmith has been a most prolific poster of complaints regarding the appropriate moderation that takes place on this list. Terry's use of moderation of which I took note is just another reflection that moderation of discussion list postings is a common practice; even at the Christian Post. Some use the feature better than others. I think I am one that uses it better than others and Goldsmith and Benton are appropriate subjects of moderation and are exceptional and rare cases as far as the history of this list is concerned. As for Terry, as his note and my reply to him indicated, he has trouble playing on a level playing field, staying on-topic, and accepting his own rules regarding questions.)


      > Here's the link and message (note that
      > Terry was moderating my posts and added
      > his own comment to the beginning of my
      > proposal):

      Seems like a complaint from you about him adding and moderating your postings.

      Mark Goldsmith
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