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10990Re: More "thermodynamics" pseudoscience from Don DeLong

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  • Robert Baty
    Jul 4, 2007
      Todd, you wrote, in part:

      > Don, why did you fail to
      > openly acknowledge the
      > erroneous nature of
      > your false statement about
      > me?

      > Do you think it's okay to
      > lie about me?

      > I suspect that you do think
      > it's perfectly okay to lie
      > about me, because, just as
      > one example, Daniel Denham
      > has been spewing out
      > constant lies and you have
      > not said one single word to
      > oppose his deceitfulness.

      > This demonstrates something
      > to people about your character.
      > Or lack of it.

      Don's problem appears to be a systemic problem commonly associated with David P. Brown and his ContendingFTF boys.

      You may have noticed the thread here as to the little controversy between Daniel Denham and Donald Canny as to my status as a theist.

      Donald Canny, for reasons he has yet to explain, deciced to classify me as an atheist.

      Daniel Denham knows better, but, if he isn't the source for Donald Canny's deception, he has certainly been helping to promote it. Daniel Denham knows better!

      So, we have another little exercise going on as to one of those "side issues" which will provide valuable, empirical evidence as to just how much "girlie" there is in the alleged "men" of the ContendingFTF list.

      Todd, I think your further comments are an endorsement of my recommendations and prophecy regarding Don and thermodynamcis.

      That is, there is yet to be an explicit agreement between you and Don regarding what the laws of thermodynamics actually state.

      Don's tried to paraphrase them, and you have now indicated that I was correct in noting that you would deny his affirmatives on that.

      You also concluded that it is most unlikely that Don DeLong is going to quit himself like a man and "come out" to "reason TOGETHER" with you as to the details of thermodynamics and what, if anything, they have to do with the controversy over the age of stuff and evolution.

      I think your conclusion is correct, but I would still call to Don and his fellows to "come out" and "let us reason TOGETHER"!

      Robert Baty

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