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10959Thermodynamics: Calling out Don DeLong!

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  • rlbaty50
    Jul 2, 2007
      Rick, you wrote, in part:

      > I think DeLong has his own
      > "fallacy of equivocation"
      > charge to be retracting!

      > Something having to do
      > with Robert's "Goliath of
      > GRAS", was it not?

      > Yes!

      > It was!

      I think so too!

      In fact, that little issue is the key piece of evidence that convicts
      David P. Brown and his boys, especially Don DeLong, of being guilty of
      what David P. Brown himself complained about.

      That is, that they are the ones who don't know how to make
      an "argument" and/or deal with one when it smacks them in the face.

      Furthermore, that history is the key piece of evidence that convicts
      David P. Brown and his boys, especially Don DeLong and Daniel Denham,
      of being the ones guilty of running off and hiding and of trying to
      change the subject continually as their failures mount up against them.

      Rick, you've now considered this, but it may be worth repeating.

      I propose that until such time as Don DeLong "come out" and commits
      himself to "reasoning TOGETHER" with someone here regarding his
      position on thermodynamics, there is no compelling reason to deal with
      him; he's just going to run off and hide again.

      He needs to "come out", "come out here", make his committment
      to "reason TOGETHER" formally, in writing, for the record and then
      negotiate in good faith for a proposition and the logistics for the

      I can't compel that course, but it sure seems to me to be preferred to
      trying to quibble about the details before there's even been any
      agreement on the context and relevance of any such discussion.

      I think my prophecy will again be fulfilled!

      That is, Don DeLong is NOT man enough to "come out " and "reason
      TOGETHER" regarding his problem with thermodynamics and whatever he
      thinks it has to do with the age of stuff, evolution, or the existence
      of God.

      Watch and see!

      Robert Baty
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