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10954Re: More "thermodynamics" pseudoscience from Don DeLong - by Don

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  • rlbaty50
    Jul 2, 2007
      Todd, you wrote:

      > I can't take the time to address
      > Don's comments right now, so I'll
      > get to it later. Of course, anyone
      > else can respond to him as well.

      Here's my comments and proposal for completing the demonstration that
      Don DeLong is merely setting himself up to again run off and hide:

      David P. Brown has already noticed how folks like Don DeLong are
      unable to formulate an argument and/or respond to one when it
      confronts them.

      If Don DeLong really believes he's onto something with his bantering
      about thermodynamics and the substance of the issues we've
      been "pleading" with him and his to deal with, then I would encourage
      him to make the public committment here and now to "come out", "stand
      his ground" and "reason TOGETHER" with at least one of us regarding

      Todd, you're elected on this side of the issue! :o)

      If Don DeLong will quit himself like the man he claims to be
      and "come out" committed to dealing with his thermodynamics claim as
      it relates to the substance of the issues we've attempted to deal
      with, then the negotiations should proceed to formalize a discussion,
      in writing, and for the record.

      Don DeLong is welcome to present for consideration his proposition(s)
      for discussion.

      Todd, you would then be expected to accept the proposals or make

      The discussions should continue until one or more propositions was
      agreed upon.

      After that, the negotiations would involve the logistical details of
      the formal, in writing, for the record discussion.

      Hey, Don DeLong could even substitute his own surrogate for the

      Will Don DeLong quit himself like the man he claims to be instead of
      the "girlie-man" described by Donald Canny?

      My guess is we'll see the "girlie-man" run!

      Which is it, Don DeLong?

      Robert Baty
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