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1A new start!

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    Dec 2, 2002
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      One preacher recently prophesied that my effort to operate a list,
      dealing with public issues and the public men behind the issues that
      were of interest to me, would have little interest and would be

      Well, there weren't many members in that first effort, but we had a good
      run for about two weeks and made some important progress in helping to
      clean up the historical record concerning Matthew Fontaine Maury and his
      influence among the churches of Christ.

      That list came to an abrupt end when Yahoo deleted the list on the basis
      of some alleged, anonymous complaint; no questions asked, no chance at a
      defense. They just pulled the plug on that list.

      Yahoo did let me start this new list. I figure it will move along
      rather slowly and I probably won't be advertising it as much. For now,
      I'll just wait to see what happens as we, again, begin to discuss those
      public issues and public men that have caught my attention on a few

      We'll probably have a few polls, as with the last list, and everyone is
      encouraged to vote in the polls.

      You won't have to join this list to post. However, you may want to join
      the list so you can vote in the polls and have messages delivered
      directly to your e-mail address.

      Robert Baty
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