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NEWS -- 2013.01.31.Thursday

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  • James Martin
    1) Actor Jim Nabors marries male partner in Seattle 2) New York City, the Bronx -- 7-Year-Old Handcuffed Over $5, Says Suit 3) more from the FRC, including
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2013
      1) Actor Jim Nabors marries male partner in Seattle
      2) New York City, the Bronx -- 7-Year-Old Handcuffed Over $5, Says Suit
      3) more from the FRC, including phone numbers
      4) Stephen Colbert last night -- must see

      Actor Jim Nabors marries male partner in Seattle
      Associated Press - Wed, Jan 30, 2013 6:37 AM PST


      7-Year-Old Handcuffed Over $5, Says Suit
      By Ben Waldron | ABC News Blogs - Wednesday 30 January 2013

      [ picture at URL ]
      The family of a 7-year-old New York boy is suing police and the city for $250 million, saying cops handcuffed and interrogated the boy for ten hours after a scuffle over lunch money at school.

      Wilson Reyes, a student at Public School 114 in the Bronx reportedly got into a fight with a fellow student in December after he was accused of taking $5 of lunch money that had fallen on the ground in front of him. Responding to a complaint of assault and robbery, the police were called and took the boy to the local police precinct where officers allegedly handcuffed and interrogated him for ten hours, according to the lawsuit.

      "Imagine how I felt seeing my son in handcuffs," Wilson's mother, Frances Mendez, told the New York Post. "It was horrible. I couldn't believe what I was seeing," she said.

      The claim, filed by family attorney Jack Yankowitz, accuses the NYPD, among other things, of false imprisonment, physical, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, and deprivation of Reyes' constitutional rights.

      Robbery charges against the boy were later dropped, and the NYPD, though it disputes the accusations in the suit, is investigating the incident.

      "While the lawyer's claims are grossly untrue in many respects, including fabrication as to how long the child was held, the matter is nonetheless being reviewed by the department's Internal Affairs Bureau," Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne told ABC News in an emailed statement.

      New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was critical of the NYPD in a statement posted on the New York City Public Advocate's website.

      "Seven-year-olds don't belong in handcuffs," he said. "As a parent, I wouldn't stand for this in one of my kids' schools. Our school system's over-reliance on the NYPD as a disciplinary tool traumatizes our young people, sows distrust in our communities and drains vital city resources away from responding to genuine crimes. This has to stop."

      Calls placed to Public School 114 were not immediately returned.


      The comments posted at the URL are priceless.

      But I don't see one yet about the fact that Black and Latino kids are harassed constantly by the police. But this is a white boy, and his parents have enough money to bring on the big time lawyers.

      Never mind that the little white boy is probably a bully, IMHO.


      Prejudice and bigotry must be kept in place --->
      Follow-up from the Tony Perkins and his Family Research Council (FRC) on the Boy Scouts of America --->


      Call the Boy Scouts of America Board of Directors and tell them to uphold Scouting values!

      January 31, 2013
      Dear James,

      The phones are ringing off the wall.

      If you've tried to get through to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), you know it's been tough. If you've wanted to express your concern about the BSA abandoning their longstanding policy of safeguarding Scouts by restricting openly homosexual Scout leaders from holding leadership positions, you may have been greeted by an endlessly ringing phone. This may be one instance in which the Boy Scouts were not prepared.

      The BSA national leadership were not prepared for the thousands of Americans who were shocked to hear that an organization that could always be counted on for standing for what's right was about to cave-in to homosexual activists and corporations which have been threatening the organization's funding.

      For generations, the BSA has shaped our nation's moral character by teaching young men to do their duty to God and country. This is why, when the BSA board begins its annual meeting on Monday of next week, it is so important that you keep the pressure on, to show them how devastating this moral collapse will be for the Scouts and the country.

      Please call the members of the BSA Board of Directors (sample call script below) and kindly urge them to stand strong and true to their timeless values:

      Select BSA Board Members:

      a.. David L. Beck: (801) 240-1000
      b.. R. Thomas Buffenbarger: (310) 967-4500
      c.. Keith A. Clark: (717) 763-1121
      d.. William F. "Rick" Cronk: (925) 283-7229
      e.. John C. Cushman III: (904) 393-9020
      f.. R. Michael Daniel: (412) 297-4989
      g.. Jack D. Furst: (972) 982-8250
      h.. T. Michael Goodrich: (205) 328-9445 ext. 200
      i.. Earl G. Graves: (212) 242-8000
      j.. Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.: (615) 244-1713
      k.. Stephen Hemsley: (800) 328-5979
      l.. Larry W. Kellner: (713) 468-4050
      m.. Robert J. LaFortune: (918) 582-2981
      n.. Joseph P. Landy: (212) 878-0600
      o.. Francis R. McAllister: (406) 373-8700
      p.. Scott D. Oki: (425) 454-2800
      q.. Arthur F. Oppenheimer: (208) 343-4883
      r.. Tico A. Perez: (407) 849-1235
      s.. Robert H. Reynolds: (317) 231-7227
      t.. Matthew K. Rose: (909) 386-4140
      u.. Nathan O. Rosenberg: (949) 494-4553
      v.. Roger M. Schrimp: (209) 526-3500
      w.. Marshall M. Sloane: (781) 395-3000
      x.. Rex W. Tillerson: (972) 444-1000
      y.. David M. Weekley: (713) 659-8111
      z.. Togo D. West, Jr.: (202) 775-1775
      Sample Phone Script:

      Hello, my name is _________, from __________.

      Thank you for your service as a board member of the Boy Scouts of America.

      As you're aware, a new proposal indicates that the Boy Scouts of America may revoke their longstanding policy of safeguarding Scouts by restricting homosexuals from holding leadership positions over boys. For decades, your national organization has kept the interest of the boys it serves as the focus of all its actions. No matter what, the Boy Scouts of America could be counted upon to do the right thing and not yield to any social pressure, and has thus far stood strong.

      Please do not jeopardize the safety and moral integrity of Scouting in the interest of social activism. The proposal to relegate the decision on homosexual leaders to local chartered organizations sends the wrong signal from the national body: that political correctness ultimately triumphs over character.

      Please retain the current long-held and time-tested policy regarding homosexual leadership and membership. America stands with you. Lead the way. Please stand strong.

      Thank you, and God bless you.

      Together, we can make a difference in turning the tide and keeping an honorable organization on an honorable path.


      Tony Perkins

      P.S. Please forward this alert to friends, family and fellow church members, and post to your favorite social networks.


      Yes, I'm forwarding this.
      Along with a repeat -- Nobody knows how to lie and bear false witness like a Southern Baptist.

      My comment --
      I wonder how those Directors of the Boy Scouts listed above feel about having their phone numbers sent out by Tony Perkins. From the looks of the numbers, many of them may be business numbers. I wonder how those businesses feel about having their number sent out by Tony Perkins. But then again, they are probably Southern Baptist or Mormon run businesses.


      Must see ---
      Lots of stuff last night 30 January 2013 about GLBTs from Stephen Colbert. Also the KKK, and also Bill Gates.


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