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Re: Serving the Matthews of our World

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  • Vega Alopex
    Right on! A few years ago, some instigators would come into the website and ask why we are so hyped up about Matt, when we cannot help Matt. They cannot see
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2004
      Right on! A few years ago, some instigators would come into the
      website and ask why we are so hyped up about Matt, when we cannot
      help Matt. They cannot see that the question is not what we could
      have done to help Matt -- Rather the question was what can we do now
      in this world. Judy Shepard knows, and even in such a repressive
      atmosphere, there is progress. Once the wraps are off, then one may
      ask, what took so long?
      --- In MatthewsPlaceForum@yahoogroups.com, "Johnny Reno"
      <coyoteboi2003@y...> wrote:
      > How best can we serve those in front of us that have taken to the
      > streets or pay tribute to those who have been beat to death in this
      > fight for freedom?
      > Help is on the way. We have been behind way too long in our
      > Too many people have been torn apart, relationships have been
      > stressed and tainted because of social injustices. There have been
      > murders, rapes and transgressions against the gay community and its
      > time to stand up and fight harder than ever to prevent one more
      > crime, leave anyone behind and allow a Presidential decree to
      > any rights that some have died for. Help is on the way!
      > If we come together with a very clear picture, should we change
      > Presidents, and we will, we can make a difference and will make a
      > difference. We have to walk with one another and share in the
      > that present us as good, normal gay people. We have long been seen
      > celebrating and party animals out seeking sex in public places via
      > the media coverage. Seldom are we seen working behind desks, in
      > uniform serving our people and our country or being great political
      > leaders. We need to turn this around. Time to shift gears and move
      > into main-stream America with a stronger voice, let America know
      > help is on the way. We too, can bring an importance to the table.
      > too, can bring a political movement to the forefront. We have
      > shown we can fight on the front lines and carry a much heavier
      > than our back packs in service. We have to carry moral injustices
      > along with the rest of the weight that others have picked and chose
      > for us. Lets lighten the load and tell Kerry that we are going to
      > counted in this election one way or the other. Lets show Bush that
      > hold the keys to the Whitehouse along with other good people. We
      > employ the person who represents a totality, we don't want nor need
      > un-intelligent and in-effective people making decisions for us any
      > longer.
      > I choose to continue serving the Matthews of our World. Those that
      > are still alive, those that have passed on. They represent who I
      > I represent them now as a responsible gay male against further
      > transgressions upon us as a people. Its a duty, not a job.
      > I waited till the convention to decide for certain who I would
      > support but was leaning towards Kerry-Edwards. I made up my mind,
      > they have a duty as well. Its my position to keep reminding them
      > we are and how we feel. There is more to America than disabled
      > veterans, a weak economy, out-sourcing of jobs, and medical
      > and a war. We belong to all that and come with a complete set of
      > problems aside from those above. This is not a directive against a
      > religious group. It only becomes a target when the choose to make
      > the target. Most of us have a spiritual desire that often is over-
      > looked and written out as non-believers and un-faithfull. I believe
      > they are wrong! Help is on the way.
      > JR
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