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8368NEWS -- 2013.11.23.Saturday

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  • James Martin
    Nov 23, 2013
      Today fifty years ago, the day after, all those conspirators must have been offering prayers of thanksgiving.
      The real fact is ---
      There were people who wanted JFK gone.  They were plotting.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, their plot was no longer needed.  There plot was completed.
      1) Paul Ryan: Poor People Need Jesus, Not Food Stamps
      2) The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions for Your Health
      3) Hero Pastor Given 30 Days to Renounce His Gay Children or Be Defrocked
      No surprise here --->

      Paul Ryan: Poor People Need Jesus, Not Food Stamps

      By Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

      20 November 2013

      Paul Ryan has spent more than a year furiously distancing himself from the wreckage of the 2012 Republican campaign. Even in the closing weeks before the election, Ryan gave a high-profile speech about poverty that amounted to a personal escape pod from Mitt Romney's disastrous caught-on-tape denunciation of the moocher class. Since then, Ryan's team has openly discussed the need to rebrand him and the particular danger, in the wake of the 47 percent tape, of his association with Ayn Rand-ism.

      Today, we see the next step in Ryan's rebranding, in the form of a largely credulous Washington Post story outlining his plans to launch himself into anti-poverty policy.

      The article asserts, "Unlike Romney, Ryan is no child of privilege." And Ryan certainly did not come from Romney-esque riches; he was born into "one of the most prominent families in Janesville," and received a share of two family trust funds. Ryan Lizza reported in a profile of Ryan last year:

      Three families, the Ryans, the Fitzgeralds, and the Cullens, sometimes called the Irish Mafia, helped develop the town, especially in the postwar era. The Ryans were major road builders, and today Ryan, Inc., started in 1884 by Paul's great-grandfather, is a national construction firm.

      Ryan does carefully tend his working class bona fides - when his visit to a Belgian brewery was discovered, he let it be known he prefers Miller Lite and found the foreign beers on tap unfamiliar.

      The substance of Ryan's anti-poverty agenda remains yet to be announced, but the general spirit of the endeavor can already be discerned from Ryan's previous remarks, and those of the allies helping him formulate it. Ryan believes that the main impediment facing poor people is the existence of government programs that give them money and health care - a problem his budget rectifies by cutting subsidies to the poor. Those subsidies, Ryan has said, amount to a "a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency, that drains them of their will and their incentive to make the most of their lives."

      Ryan's new line seems similar to the old one:

      "Paul wants people to dream again," Holloway said of Ryan. "You don't dream when you've got food stamps."

      In fact, lots of people who survived on food stamps - like J.K. Rowling - went on to achieve great things.

      The other emerging element of Ryan's anti-poverty agenda is Jesus:

      "You cure poverty eye to eye, soul to soul," he said last week at the Heritage forum. "Spiritual redemption: That's what saves people."

      Basically, Ryan loves the poor the way fundamentalist Christians love gays.

      Comments at both URLs above.
      Here's one --->
      Wouldn't it be funny if all those poor people, instead of turning to Jesus, turned to Allah?

      The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions for Your Health

      Is your sleep style at night leading to health problems in the morning? Keep reading for the optimal positions for your health—plus the ones to avoid.


      BEST: On your back

      Sleeping on your back ensures proper circulation to the brain, maintains your back and neck in a neutral position, and fights acid reflux—all great reasons to back-sleep. Looking for beauty rest? It helps with that too, preventing wrinkles (because nothing is pushing against your face all night) and keeping breasts perky (since they’re fully supported throughout the night).

      That said, it’s not the ideal position for snorers, making the base of your tongue collapse to the back wall of your throat, causing a vibrating sound—try sleeping on your side to combat that.


      GOOD: On your side

      Side sleepers, you’re doing it right… as long as you’re on your left side. In addition to side-sleeping reducing snoring, sleeping on one’s left side also eases heartburn and acid reflux, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

      It’s a great option during pregnancy too, when back sleeping puts too much pressure on the spine. Sleeping on one’s left side during pregnancy improves circulation to the heart—doctors even recommend it since it’s so good for both Mom and baby.

      What it’s not good for? Facial wrinkles and breast sagging—blame your pillow and gravity.


      BAD: In the fetal position

      It may feel comfy, but sleeping with your body curved in the fetal position restricts breathing and compresses vital organs. And, like side sleeping, it may bring on facial wrinkles and breast sagging.

      Curling your back and tucking in your chin night after night also does a number of your neck and spine over time.


      WORST: On your stomach

      Spending eights hours a night sleeping stomach-down? You might be feeling it in the morning—the position flattens the natural curve of the spine. And since you don’t also sleep face-down in this position, your head and neck spend all night turned to one side. Just imagine how uncomfortable that would be for just a few minutes if you were awake…let alone up to eight or nine hours a day!

      The stomach-sleeping position also puts stress and joints and muscles, leading to nerve irritation and pain, tingling, and numbness.


      10 Sleep Mistakes and Their Solution
      6 Bedtime Rituals for Better Sleep


      Hero Pastor Given 30 Days to Renounce His Gay Children or Be Defrocked

      Defiant, Rev. Frank Schaefer vows to marry more same-sex couples.
      November 21, 2013 
      On Monday, the United Methodist Church  convicted Rev. Frank Schaefer on two counts against the Church for officiating his son’s same-sex wedding. On Tuesday, the impaneled jury  determined his sentence: Schaefer is suspended for 30 days, and if it at the end of that time he has not renounced his support for marriage equality, he will be defrocked.

      Schaefer, however, was unapologetic, refusing the invitation to “repent of your actions”:

      SCHAEFER: [The Church] needs to stop judging people based on their sexual orientation. We have to stop the hate speech. We have to stop treating them as second-class Christians. [...]

      I will never be silent again. This is what I have to do. [...]

      I have to minister to those who hurt and that’s what I’m doing.

      Three of Schaefer’s four children identify as gay.

      After his sentence was announced, his supporters began overturning chairs in the courtroom, a reference to the biblical story of Jesus and the moneychangers.

      Schaefer’s critics framed his actions as “breaking the rules” and “rebuking” the Church.


      Watch Rev. Schaefer’s remarks from after the sentencing, committing himself to being an “outspoken advocate” for the LGBT community. He also added that if a same-sex couple asked him to marry them in the next 30 days, he would do it:

      --- click on URL to continue and to watch video ---