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  • Bill Scanlon
    Hello, I just created a new Scuba Diving E-Group. If you or someone you know is a Scuba Diver or would like to be please feel free to join the group! Bill
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2006
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      I just created a new Scuba Diving E-Group.
      If you or someone you know is a Scuba Diver or would like to be please feel free to join the group!

      Hello Catalina30Ruby@...,

      bostoncaptbill@... has invited to join the WinthropBostonScuba group
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      Here's an introductory message from bostoncaptbill@...:


      Please feel free to join this FREE Yahoo Winthrop/Boston area Scuba Diving E-Group

      A Winthrop/Boston area Scuba Diving E-Group. This is an open forum to all who scuba dive or those who are eager to learn scuba diving. This is a place where we can all share, read of, write about anything & everything SCUBA. All topics RELATIVE to: Scuba Diving; Scuba Gear; Dive Sites; finding Dive Mates; Scuba Travel; Scuba Lessons; Wreck Sites; On-Line Internet Scuba Diving links; Scuba Safety; training; advance training; night dives; Scuba Dive Organizations; New Gear; Used Gear; Gear Review; Scuba Rentals; Scuba Dive Shops; Scuba Gear Repairs; Scuba Tank service …
      Let’s try to keep this an upbeat & positive source for Scuba help, knowledge, communication and social entertainment.



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