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RE: [MassBaySailors] Pruning trees while sailing......

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  • richard usen
    Thx. Now I know why I like the ocean. ... From: MassBaySailors@yahoogroups.com [mailto:MassBaySailors@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of terry regan Sent: Saturday,
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      Thx. Now I know why I like the ocean.
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      From: MassBaySailors@yahoogroups.com [mailto:MassBaySailors@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of terry regan
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      Subject: [MassBaySailors] Pruning trees while sailing......

      Ahoy All!    Got to sail every day this week!  Started out (what were we thinking) on the very hot, almost windless day.  But we were sailing on the lake and that was all that mattered.  They have sailing camp at the lake were kids of all ages get to sail, swim etc.  We call it "Barbie Camp", You know 16 yrs old, 12% body fat, sailing for years. You get the gist of it. So hot you could of poached eggs under our PFDs.  Don't know how people last adrift in life rafts for 117 days, 60 days whatever.  My limit is one day of broiling sun, no water to drink. Add cyanide capsule to my list of things to bring.  The "Barbies" are hooking their feet in the hiking straps and flinging themselves backwards, dunking their heads in the lake. My friend says, "We could do that",  "Sure we could, Umass Trauma Center is across the street, the Lifeflight wouldn't have to come far to transport us to have our heads reat! tached to our spines, you go first!!".  The girls are catching up to us and one yells over, "Watch your centerboard, it can pop up!"  We look at each other and I figure this is one of those "Do you have Prince Albert in a can things"  Nothing to worry about... although we kept checking the centerboard every half hour.  The next nite plenty of wind the three of us took the daysailer, main & jib.  Flying, heeling, tacking just like we knew what we were doing.  Awesome!!!!  Tonite good wind, all jazzed about flying.  But first we have to get off the dock. Wind blowing off dock towards island w/shallow  (1 foot) water.  We were told always have centerboard up. Now told never mind put it down, by someone else.  Center of lateral resistance (knew that).  So long story short, we're blowing into the island (Bermuda Triangle), aground.  They come out to pull us out.  My friend says what about those limbs? I'm looking at eye level.  "They're fine".  While up above the mast is in the trees.  Really in the trees.  A huge (3" by 3 feet) branch falls into the boat between us and cuts one of the crew's leg (just a flesh wound).   So if you live on a lake and need trees pruned were the crew to call!  All and all an great week of sailing!!    Terry

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