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  • Cal Collins e-guana.net
    Hi All, I ve been lurking silently on the group for a while so I figure I should post an introduction. This is a great group - always interesting posts and
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      Hi All,

      I've been lurking silently on the group for a while so I figure I should
      post an introduction. This is a great group - always interesting posts
      and stories! Bill thanks for moderating and getting so much discussion

      I live in Newton but sail out of Mattapoisett (not technically Mass Bay,
      I know; used to sail from Squantum YC in Quincy though). I sold my '76
      Aquarius 23 centerboard trailersailor this spring and just launched a
      1973 O'Day 27, "Amulet". Have been out twice so far - once in 20 knot
      winds under reefed main only, and once with full sail (main + jib). Both
      times were great - nothing broke (hooray!) and the boat feels much more
      stable, solid, and faster than my old one. There seems to be a lot more
      weather helm than on my Aquarius, I'll be playing with the rig settings
      to see how to deal with that.

      I decided to move up in size to something more stable with a true keel
      (my wife was a particular support of that) and better accomodations for
      weekend cruising (I'm 6'4" so standing headroom or close to it was
      important). The additional speed from better pointing ability and a
      larger rig will help make destinations for those weekend cruises more
      realistic I hope. As much as I enjoyed the adventure of sailing the
      Aquarius in the afternoon Buzzards Bay chop, based on early results I
      think we made the right decision.

      I've been working on the boat since February - a few major projects,
      including my first experiences with fiberglassing, and a lot of little
      ones. At times it looked like it would never end, so it's pretty
      satisfying to finally get in the water and go sailing. The 2 times out
      so far were 2-3 hour afternoon sails. I am hoping to get in a couple of
      weekend cruises around Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound this summer;
      would like to get down to Cuttyhunk as soon as possible.


      Cal Collins
      O'Day 27 "Amulet"


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      Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 5:18 PM
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      Re: Hello to our Newest MBS Members & some group protocol for all

      Posted by: "Bill Scanlon" Catalina30Ruby@...

      Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:38 am (PST)

      Hello to our Newest MBS Members,

      We've had several new members join us over the past few weeks. Welcome
      to each of you, thank you for joining!! Please don't be wallflowers.

      We are now at 270 members and growing steadily. We are in the peak of
      the Summer Sailing season and the lists' activity has been a testament
      to that. With 270 members we still have a LOT of wallflowers. I
      encourage all of you to jump into the dialogs and contribute your
      knowledge, ask question or tell us of a recent or upcoming sail you have

      Please let's keep the below stuff in mind when using the group;

      1) New members: Please consider posting an introductory message telling
      us a little bit about you, your sailing background if any and any
      sailing aspirations you may have. If you own a boat please tell us about
      it. If you have crewed on some interesting boats or trips or chartered
      or raced in school or elsewhere. Do you have any certifications?

      2) Everyone please consider filling out a Yahoo Profile with as much
      info about you that you are comfortable in listing. This helps everyone
      have a better idea of who we are corresponding with.

      3) IMHO this is way underutilized by us: IM/Buddy lists. If you are
      using a Yahoo E-Mail and/or Profile also consider using Yahoo chat or
      listing your AOL, ICQ or IM user name etc ..

      Again, there are 270 of us on this list, "I" feel our IM/Chat
      capabilities are way under utilized. Of course this goes for ALL MBS
      members. There is an Internet Site we use at work called Meebo
      www.Meebo.com that allows you to combine ALL your e-mail/IM/ICQ/Chat
      user names into 1 IM buddy list centralizing your IM communication to 1
      desk top application, very handy.

      4) When "replying" to a message post, PLEASE, REMOVE/DELETE the content
      of the original message you are replying to keeping your message as
      brief as possible. Of course there are exceptions, for instance if you
      want to "reference" a statement someone posted etc...

      5) Please sign your posts with your name.

      6) Decide what e-mail setting is best for you. Yes, there is often a lot
      of e-mail generated from this group, though I like to think it's all
      interesting and help;

      " Individual e-mail"; you would receive 1 e-mail for every post, a
      majority of our members feel this is too voluminous.

      "Daily Digest" an accumulation of all e-mails sent to the group in a 24
      hr period, this feature also has an index of subjects at its beginning.
      This is the most popular option, though, "I" feel many (most) messages
      are overlooked with this option and therefore many people don't reply to
      messages that they would have if they received "individual e-mails".

      "Special Notices"; Of which NONE are ever sent.

      "No e-mail", as its name implies, hopefully these people go into the
      site every now and then and read the messages they missed.


      Bill Scanlon
      USCG Master 50 GT Inland Waters
      Towing & Sailing Endorsements
      Lic. # 1092926

      1984 Catalina 30
      Std. Rig Hull# 3688
      Winthrop (Mass.) Yacht Club

      Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse
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