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Re: [MassBaySailors] A plea for brevity!

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  • Iain Galloway
    I d like to suggest a free google mail account for anyone having troubles with the formatting? I didn t even notice the extra stuff until someone pointed it
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2007
      I'd like to suggest a free google mail account for anyone having troubles with the formatting?
      I didn't even notice the "extra stuff" until someone pointed it out..it's formatted nicely, and it's easy to follow the continuity in the messages.

      Also has the advantage of being webmail, and can be read anywhere...



      On 2/28/07, We 2 Sail <we2sail@...> wrote:

      I can understand your pain with this. Unfortunately, Yahoo! Groups
      adds 25 lines of nearly useless text, and my email client displays 29
      lines of header lines, and lets not even discuss HTML over head.

      Many of the HTML excerpts are sent to us by the moderator and owner
      of this group.

      And yes, occasionally I do see replies in which the author has
      removed every vestige of the preceding message, so there is no
      continuity to what they area replying to, and I personally find this
      very annoying. The "subject" line may not always change, but often
      the discussion topic does change, and if none of the preceeding
      message is intact, then the comment is lost.

      For example, if I responded to Ahmets comments, this "tirade" would
      be totally misconstrued. However, since I am including a pieces so
      the original comment, then it makes perfectly good sense (IMHO).

      Bob Early
      s/y Second Nature

      btw - for the purpose of this discussion, I am leaving the useless
      Yahoo! Group lines intact, when I would normally remove them,
      assuming when I normally think about them. But, being old and
      feeeble, I don't alway think about them. <smile>

      Have a good trip!

      At 12:57 PM 2/28/2007, you wrote:

      >Please use the Group 'Post' facility rather than 'Reply' more often and
      >when you do 'Reply' to a message, delete all but the subject line from
      >the message you are replying to. Even in digest form, the email
      >messages are overwhelming and unreadable due to the repetition of so
      >much material. When you include a link to other Web material, please do
      >not also copy and paste exerpts from it into your email. Anyone who
      >has signed up for this Group knows how to follow a link if they choose
      >to. BTW, lengthy signatures are unnecessary; we can look up your
      >profile if we're interested.
      >I'm leaving for 3 weeks of sailing and will turn off my email link for
      >that time, but will rejoin at the end of March. See you then.
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

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