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Some DETAIL on the Celestial Navigation Course in April

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Hello, Today I spoke with Captain Kevin Harbison (see some of his Bio stuff pasted below) regarding him teaching another Celestial Navigation Course for us.
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 3, 2007
      Today I spoke with Captain Kevin Harbison (see some of his Bio stuff pasted below) regarding him teaching another Celestial Navigation Course for us.
      Captain Kevin was my USCG Masters Course instructor at BoatWise in 2004. Several months after this course and me obtaining my Captain License Kevin became my first Maritime employer, boss and friend while working as his First Mate aboard the Office Of Naval Research Vessel YP-679 Afloat Lab "Starfish". This included several Atlantic Off-Shore missions and deliveries between NYC, Annapolis MD and Charleston SC. Needles to say Kevin is highly qualified and an excellent instructor.
      Kevin taught the Celestial Navigation course that I scheduled and took last year. Four of the 5 students who took the course are MBS Group members. He is available and interested to teach this course again this year. I told him that our group is interested in scheduling this course in April. The class room days are 2 full back-to-back Saturday & Sunday followed by 2 evening sessions. He and I tentatively choose these dates: Saturday/Sunday April 14 & 15 and Tuesday & Thursday April 17 & 19.
      The cost of this course is approximately $350 per person.
      There is a lot of information to be learned in this course. And, in my opinion, the key to completing the course successfully is to sign-up WELL in ADVANCE so you receive all the StarPath books, study guides, course material and on-line access early allowing you to attend these classes as prepared in advance as possible.
      Kevin is a certified instructor of StarPath. The Celestial Navigation Course will be a StarPath course that prepares the student for StarPath’s " certification".
      In addition to the course and its material, I will attempt to get all the students of this course together in between studying the material and the start of the classes for a group study and assist each other in preparation.
      NOTE; Do NOT Sign-Up for the StarPath Celestial Navigation Course directly. By signing-up via Kevin’s instructions, you will get the same StarPath on-line course AND his 4 classroom cessions for the same (or near the same) price as you would by signing up without him directly.
      Some Google Info Found from Captain Kevin;
      United States Virtual Coast Guard District One Home


      Published on: 2/9/2001 Last Visited: 11/3/2006

      Kevin Harbison has been promoted to vCAPT. and assumes the position as Deputy District Commander for D7 as of 7 Feb 2004. He brings real life experience as a Ship's Captain, to district. He is a retired U.S.Army Maj., while in the Army he served as Army ship's Captain and continues to do so in the civilian world. I consider him to be a valuable asset to my team in District7. We at D7 want to welcome Kevin aboard
      The founder, Captain Kevin Harbison, has been going to sea since 1981. He holds a "Master of motor or steam vessels of not more than 1600 GT on any Ocean", ...


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