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Upcoming Discover Sailing/Boating course / Newbury, Mass.

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  • Bill Scanlon
    EARLY NOTICE TO YACHT CLUBS (See the attached): We are often asked to notify yacht clubs before this announcement reaches the newspapers. Here it is; please
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2006
      EARLY NOTICE TO YACHT CLUBS (See the attached): 
      We are often asked to notify yacht clubs before this announcement reaches the newspapers.   Here it is; please "spread the word," to your members, and their friends, about this annual,  Discover Sailing/Boating course.  As this course ALWAYS fills up quickly, guaranteed seating will be limited to the first 40, "pre-paid registrants."   Notice the low price.  You may like to know that this year's list of instructors include:  1) The author of the New York Boating Manual; 2) The record-holder for the TransPac Race (Calif. to Hawaii); 3) The Master Instructor who conducts the "Captain's License Course;" 4) A "Marine Electronics" expert, 5) A Marine Insurance expert, 6) A USCG Marine Equip. expert, along with other, "old-salt" visiting instructors.   Thanks for your interest in promoting Safe Boating.
      Discover Sailing/Boating to begin in Newburyport
              A “Sailboating for Beginners” course will start on April 23, 2007, in Newburyport, MA, and will meet Monday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, for four weeks.  This is an annual course, which is open to the general public, sail boater and power boaters alike.  No previous boating experience is necessary.
                      This course is designed to meet the needs of BOTH the “beginner,” who wants to learn more about sail boating & boating safety, as well as  for the “non-sailing power boaters,” who may want to broaden their skills--or simply get a better understanding of the “sailing crowd,” their sailing habits, maneuvers, limitations, etc.
                The course will include:  Sailboat theory and techniques; Boating safety; Marine insurance; USCG equipment; Rules of the Road; Basic piloting and navigation; Popular knots; Marine electronics; Winds & weather; Boating terminology; and Safe-boat-handling skills.
                The instructors are all “seasoned” sailors and mariners  with impressive credentials, who have enjoyed decades of assorted boating  experiences, including  “blue-water” voyages, marina management, “cruising the Caribbean,” marine electronics, instructing Captain’s courses, etc. 
      The course will be conducted in the “Sail Loft” sections of these four, co-sponsoring Newburyport, MA,  restaurants: the Garrison Inn; the GROG, the Black Cow, and the BluWater Cafe.  Participants will have full food and beverage service available to them throughout each  presentation.  This course is for people who are serious about safe boating, and making wise purchases of assorted boating goods.  There are NO tests, quizzes, or attendance requirements.   (The first session will meet at the Garrison Inn.)
                  Registration forms may be obtained  by calling (978) 502-9330, or E-mailing to: highseasjohn@....  The Course fee of $99 is payable with registration, as seating for this popular course is on a “first-come” basis. 
      (This course has received the "Official Citation of Recognition," for its high quality.) 
      John Kelleher, Safe Boating Coordinator--Box 1212--Seabrook, NH--03874--(978) 502-9330

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